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Bouquets and bricks

Well, one of each.

Kudos to the ABC (Australia) for its recent coverage of the Paralympics in Beijing. It was a class act so far as sports broadcasting goes, particularly the 6pm highlights.


Brickbats to Miranda Devine for pursuing an absurd comparison between newly elected Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull and Sarah Palin! She at least left us in no doubt about where her own loyalties lie and who she talks to.

NSW conservatives, who include Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells and the north-west Sydney MP Alex Hawke, were persuaded on Monday night by the charismatic Turnbull, 53, that he was their best chance to win the 2010 election. They were also disillusioned with Nelson, after he persisted in recent months with party reform that would undermine the power of local branches, against the wishes of those who felt he owed them allegiance. The “three or four votes” from the NSW right were crucial to Turnbull’s 45-41 victory.

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