Moving post from gay ex-Marine

24 Sep

Earlier this month I reviewed Code of Conduct by Rich Merritt. I have to confess I put the book on one side and have only just finished it, after extending my library loan. I still have some reservations about some of the plot devices and dialogue, but it really is a very powerful and important story nonetheless, and offers considerable insight into US military life — quite different in many respects from the Australian version — and into US conservatism.

Just yesterday I highlighted a post on Rich Merritt’s blog in my new blog collector in the side bar. It is a post I don’t want you to miss, and so important to the writer that he came out of blog hiatus to write it:

10 years ago this month I resigned from the United States Marine Corps as a captain after thirteen years of service, receiving an honorable discharge…

In 2000 I voted for John McCain for President in the republican primary. I believed that as a former military man and POW, he understood my beliefs even more strongly than I did.

I was wrong.  At some point in the last thirty-five years John McCain lost his way.

Since 9/11, one-by-one John McCain has violated many of the beliefs I expressed above by supporting the George Bush administration’s assault on our liberties. A once honorable man has been corrupted by his ambition to be President, no matter what former “principles” he must sacrifice to reach that ultimate goal.

Barak Obama may not have the experience to be President but over 18,000,000 of my countrymen and women believe that he has. That’s how democracy works. And now Barak Obama is our last, best hope to resurrect this nation, a land I love so much that I was willing to sacrifice my life to protect its values.

With this posting I’ve broken my personal vow not write about politics. (I’ve also come out of a blog hiatus into which I will quickly and gladly retreat.) I believe this election is the most important at least since 1932. And as an optimist, I believe that we will do the right thing.

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