24 Sep

Much as I liked the (temporary) template you saw, perhaps, I have had to ditch it because, and here is something WordPress should never do, it won’t allow you to close comments without hiding all the comment thread already there! Discovered this by accident, and I have no desire to go back reopening old posts!

Doesn’t matter so much on Ninglun’s Specials as comments there tend to stay open, with some exceptions which I must now check.


This is the older Journalist template (1.3) and does not have the comment thread problem that occurs on the new 1.9, which I still retain on Ninglun’s Specials and English/ESL where the problem doesn’t matter so much. I do like 1.9 better. Hope WP address the problem.

UPDATE 2 Friday 26 September

I have had an email from Heather at WordPress who originally announced the new 1.9 version of Journalist. On the comment thread issue she writes: “We’re looking into this issue and will respond when it’s resolved. Thanks for reporting it.” I have closed comments on 10. But is it art? Responses to the Bill Henson controversy of 2008 over on Ninglun’s Specials, which has the 1.9 version. As soon as that thread reappears I will know the problem has been solved. Then this blog will go to the new version. I think it is much nicer than the old one, though not all agree.

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