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Ian Thorpe — artist

Naturally I have blogged about Ian Thorpe before; why not, indeed? He seems a very interesting young man. I believe he has been studying at Macquarie University lately, and it appears he has also taken up art.


My Pain, My Gain by Ian Thorpe

According to the story linked to the picture above:

“When I was a kid I used to imagine within my body there were all these mini people and the people in my goggles were the control room,” Thorpe said. “They were kind of like lemmings and they used to power everything in my body. I was always whipping them to make them work harder. That was my form of visualisation.”

The painting will be sold with the proceeds going to “the Right to Play China charity, which works to enhance the health and education of young people through sport.”

I wonder what The Rabbit makes of all this? He did, after all, sit next to Ian Thorpe in class at one time…


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Just looking

For me, documenting the neighbourhood as I am on Ninglun’s Specials at the moment is proving much more fun than, well, pontificating about this or that. After all, right seeing is a good thing from a Buddhist point of view, or from any point of view come to that. And my ordinary may well be extraordinary to some of you reading out there.


I believe what we call “crows” in Australia are actually ravens… Do check the other Australian I have linked that to. 😉

On news around here, there’s a good chance the Sitemeter visit count for this month on the Floating Life sites will go past 13,000! It is currently on 12,368. Here the Sheik has become my next Sarah Palin entry; there have been 126 reads individually in the past 24 hours. Mind you, Sarah now stands at 2,482 views!

I’ve been a bit off colour the past couple of days, so that’s it for now…