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27 Sep

No Saturday stats this week as the end of the month is coming up soon. I will bore you then! 😉

And yes, the comment thread problem has been fixed — except on pages. So this is the new Journalist!
I must thank the people at WordPress who have been very responsive about this. [UPDATE 30 September: just had an email from WordPress — pages are now fixed.]

New posts, added to as they happen

Posts before the above include:

I have been neglecting English/ESL while concentrating, with some pleasure I add, on the photoblog in the past week. There is a post or two in the pipeline though. I also have a little to add to About the Whitfields…, some new information I was sent around a week ago.

  • There’s a good chance, as of Sunday night, that the Floating Life blogs will hit 14,000 visits (Sitemeter count) for this month, compared with a previous best of 11,448 in July. [UPDATE: Visitor #14,000 arrived at 2.10 pm our time on Monday 29 September from Canada, and viewed Clarke and Dawe meet with a reflective Philip Ruddock.]
  • You may follow the photoblog’s three developing themes thus:

    1. Surry Hills
    2. Redfern Visions
    3. Chinatown
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