29 Sep

Have you been to the revamped Ninglun’s Specials yet? You really should; I think it is turning into a rather good photoblog, with original photos, though of course it has more to offer. Here are a few of the items published lately. These thumbnails do not lead to bigger pics. You will have to go to Ninglun’s Specials to see them properly displayed.

mini1 mini2 mini3

mini4 mini5 mini6

I have also rejigged the recent photo series so each entry displays just one photo when you view the blog as a whole. Each post viewed individually will show the full three to six photos on that post.

How the blogs are travelling

Now the end of the month approaches, and I thought I would show you the WordPress monthly stats for each blog. Floating Life has gone well in September, but the most successful blog in terms of hot months remains English/ESL, though Floating Life is not far behind.

The graphs are over the fold.





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