Slim Browser – Tabbed web browser with popup killer

30 Sep

Yes, I am giving another browser a run. Slim Browser does boast of being one of the lightest on resources, comes with some nice skins, and is amazingly invisible in full screen mode.


In its skin, or one of them.


And here it is naked… But then Firefox looks much the same naked.


Why my Toshiba tends to like Slim Browser…

It also supports the Windows Live Writer “Blog This” plug-in, which I am using now. Firefox 3 and Google Chrome do not.

Slim Browser does piggy-back on IE, so you do get endless nag screens when using WordPress with the new hpps security enabled. Firefox and Google Chrome are much better in that respect, so one or the other will probably remain my usual tools. Firefox is my default, but I tend to use Google Chrome more often these days, and still sometimes use Maxthon2 — also IE based but with the option to change to a Firefox-based version — or Flock. Of course I allow none of them to remember or autofill passwords. You know why…

Slim Browser does tend just to disappear when the CPU gets strained, but reinstates what you were doing very easily.

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