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01 Oct

Yes, there is a record this month! Sitemeter just stopped counting, but WordPress goes for another ten hours. Here’s Sitemeter’s version:

Floating Life blogs

This includes Floating Life, Ninglun’s Specials, Floating Life 04/06 ~ 11/07, Ninglun’s Journalpace, Ninglun on Geocities. It does not include Ninglun on Blogspot.



This is just the WordPress blog plus a couple of items on Geocities.


More after WP finishes its count. [Done: see over the fold.]

Ninglun on Blogspot managed just 121 visits in September.

The WordPress stats: 10am our time, beginning 1 October WP time.

Floating Life

11,781 page views in September, and the best day ever was 4 September with 805 views. The average was 393 a day.

Ninglun’s Specials

1,951 views. the average being 65 per day. It is currently rising…

Floating Life 04/06 ~ 11/07

4,020 views, the average being 134 per day.


10,917 views, the average being 364 per day.

My students blog

This one is mostly password protected and invisible to search engines. 32 views — basically just my coachees.

My own visits are not counted in any of these stats!

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