How low can Palin go?

06 Oct

Not much lower, I would have thought. Sure, some pretty ugly things were said here in Oz during our 2007 election, but nothing up to, or down to, the standard of Palin’s smear about Obama’s “terrorist mate”. Obama himself has given this the answer it merits. However, if you are curious about who the “terrorist mate” actually is, and the forgotten history behind it, see Who is Bill Ayers? on Renegade Eye.

The truth is what Palin said is stupendously and patently irrelevant. Something sensible and specific about how she and her grandfather — sorry, Presidential running mate — plan to set about rescuing the teetering US, and world, economy may have been good to hear, even something just a bit realistic about real and current terrorism…

Losers, McCain and Palin both; that is becoming more and more apparent. And losers often get desperate, don’t they? Next she’ll be trotting out the Antichrist theory… And on that one, read Rich Merritt.

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One response to “How low can Palin go?

  1. Thomas

    October 7, 2008 at 12:23 am

    While I hold Palin partly accountable for what she said, I put the majority of blame on McCain. He would have authorised the memo that she got telling her to go on a character assassination of Obama. He has ok’d the distraction game, and the shift from policy debate to gutter politics. McCain is the one who really said what Palin said – she is just the infinitely more popular, and as unelectable, mouthpiece for the old man. Getting her to say it means he gets (somewhat) clean hands from the whole mess. But people are seeing through the fake and bogus politics this election. They did it in the primaries, when Clinton tried similar things (with Rev. Wright, Rezko, and when Ayers first came up), but because that was all in the Democratic family, it didn’t have as big an impact.

    McCain had best be careful from here too. Back Obama into a corner, and he has shown he can fight his way out. Remember the ‘More Perfect Union’ speech? That came about because the Clinton campaign had Obama up against the wall. He may very well pull out another extraordinary speech which brings in even more votes – a speech that is reassuring and meaningful, so unlike the McCain campaign now.

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