Curiosities and ephemera 1

08 Oct

I thought first of this set as something for the Specials, but no, I decided some breathing space here was quite OK…

Speaking of ephemera, or indeed curiosities, here I am with my mother in 1965, and I think you can tell why the pic was taken on the old box Brownie.

try 011b

Of course I haven’t changed a bit…

try 011a

This was in 1990 with Bill, one of my students from the language college I was working in at the time. He was a bit older than the others. I can remember asking the students one lesson to describe their earliest memory. Bill’s was “starving”. He was referring to the disastrous and largely man-made famine that afflicted China in the early 60s.

try 011c

No, that isn’t M. It would be around 1991-2, however, and is at a party organised by one of M’s friends. The man I am talking to, a Shanghainese, was once in the Chinese Air Force. He was also quite a student of literature…

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