Curiosities and ephemera 2

08 Oct

More bits from my box!

curios 001

An early lesson in cross-cultural communication: Koreans (right) when feeling friendly tend to grab one’s leg. Chinese (left) do not and find this rather disconcerting. Taken on one of our language college outings in 1990.

 curios 001dcurios 001b

A couple more 1990 language college pics, but a bit low in quality — the pics, not the students. It was quite a life-changing experience that year. The people around that table, myself excluded, are from Japan, China, Korea and Indonesia.

I have mentioned the Jewish School before, and here’s the evidence. Look towards the top left-hand corner to see me 20 years ago!

curios 003

And I have mentioned before the SBHS class of 1986, and the card they gave me. Again, here’s the evidence.

curios 005 curios 004

curios 006

That’s quite enough. I shall seal the box now… 😉

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