Curiosities and ephemera 4

10 Oct

The strange and/or wonderful things that inhabit my Surry Hills den.

curio2 002 curio2 001

This was a gift from Master Fu of the Class of 2000 after the HSC. On his mother’s side he was descended from the Qing royal family — the Manchu Dynasty; on his father’s from a General in the Red Army. The coin on the right is from the Western Han Dynasty (48 BC) and on the left from the Tang Dynasty (821 AD).

curio2 004 curio2 005

The stick on the left was acquired by my father in Papua during World War 2. It is carved from a single piece of bush wood and features various animals and a totemic sign of some kind near the top. We used to believe it had magical properties. The coffee set was my mother’s wedding present in 1935.

curio2 003 curio2 006

LEFT: My Chinese astrological sign, a gift from a Shanghainese student in 2002. RIGHT: The SBHS mug, and a found rabbit…

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