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Um… It’s not me…

See what happens?


From The Sun December 2002. Linked to source.

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Why the USA should elect McCain and Palin…

Today at Sunday lunch in the Bat and Ball M, who is from China, explained to Sirdan and I why he hoped McCain is elected.

pm 018

“Because,” he said, “it will be good for China.”

How so?

They would pursue a foreign policy that would continue to bleed the country dry and thus would become even more beholden to Chinese capital… Good for China.

Interesting theory. US patriots should consider it?


The Bard in Surry Hills

I noticed this in Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s latest email newsletter, which I have been receiving ever since we enlisted her aid, in her role as a member of the NSW Legislative Council, for Lord Malcolm last year.

* SHAKESPEARE BY NORTHCOTT: A special, one-off performance will take place at Belvoir Street Downstairs Theatre on Monday 20 October 2008 at 1pm. Residents of Northcott Housing estate in Surry Hills take to the stage in their own production of a selection of Shakespeare’s plays.

You may find The Northcott mentioned here from time to time, and it has featured in my documenting of Surry Hills on Ninglun’s Specials.

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