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I wish William McInnes hadn’t said this…

… because I can’t get it out of my head.

Last Saturday in a piece about the Rugby League Grand Final Australian actor William McInnes wrote:

…Midweek saw the telecast of the second US presidential debate between the senators McCain and Obama. John McCain tried hard to be folksy but looked a little like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family only being allowed out of the cellar as long as he didn’t get too cranky. “Now friends,” he would say a little too much and all the while Obama was all loose-limbed elegance and seemed to be on the verge of smoothly segueing into some Brook Benton song. The phrase he is most fond of is “you know”. As one would say it to friends.

It was a town hall debate and the audience was made up of a cross-section of American society. Hello! I wasn’t quite sure why the debate was being telecast live but somebody at the ABC deemed it to be important enough to be so I watched a little.

I wondered if McCain or Obama would barrack for Manly.

It was that sort of a perplexing week. When McCain pointed to Obama and referred to him as being “That One!” I thought to myself, this is the “Blame the Winger” moment of the 2008 race…

fester-pope mccain1

I will let you decide which is which.

I mentioned it on Sunday to M and Sirdan, but M didn’t know who Uncle Fester is, and Sirdan didn’t quite remember…

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I am an economics illiterate…

There, I confess. Never take seriously anything I say about economics. However, I am amused (is that the right word?) to see that J M Keynes appears to be coming back into fashion, and that the US right wing phobia about “socialism” and our love affair, all of us in the West, with “The Market” — that is being rather against governments doing anything at all much — are being seen at last as the foolish pipe-dreams they have always been.

But don’t take me seriously. I’m just a centre-leftish liberal Aussie dinosaur…

Meanwhile, I promise not to spend Kevin Rudd’s Christmas bonus foolishly, even if that may be defeating its purpose. It will just about cover the December bills…


Google Reader revamp

It’s just a small change, but I have cleared out some older items, leaving 58 there at the moment. I have also added some sites, so you will see a greater variety. All the old ones are still there.


You will notice too from now on that I am annotating each selection.

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