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Just one of those things…

The Consulate of the Peoples Republic of China was in Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills. They still own the building which is currently being gutted and renovated by a small army of neatly uniformed Chinese workers.

fri17 014

— Photo by Neil 17 Oct 2008

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Odds and sods

I wonder where that expression came from, aside from the obvious rhyme appeal?

First, I remind you that these days rather than note blogs I have read here I tend to simply add them, with a short comment, to my Google Reader. There have been about 20 added in the past 24 hours. In the side bar there is also a feed to the last 20 additions, though there is a slight delay between the Reader and appearance in the side bar widget. Clicking on a title in the widget takes you directly to the original blog item rather than to the Reader. While I commend the Reader to you, do make sure you visit the blogs themselves from time to time. That’s the whole idea.

Second, there was a time I would have ranted and raved about the latest manifestation of the boring and predictable in Back to basics proposal for English pupils in today’s Sydney Morning Herald. I am rather pleased to note the piece was written by one Yuko Narushima, which itself highlights one of the many changes that have happened here in Oz in the past fifty years, since the alleged “golden age” of English teaching. If you want to know how I might have ranted, just find the appropriate category on this blog and carry on from there. As always, this current move will lead pretty much nowhere because it is riddled with false assumptions and dodgy dichotomies and wishful thinking.** But I said I wouldn’t rant… Anyway, I have passed the torch on to Aluminium, The Rabbit, Thomas, and others… It’s theirs to do now. I am confident the torch is in good hands.

Third, I note that much more important matters have been passing me by. I refer you to the excellent Peter Roebuck: Little Master, big feat.


Don’t underestimate the value of Cricket during global economic crises… Remember Bradman.

Finally, for now, if you want a relief from all that angst about this or that, go to my increasingly non-verbal Ninglun’s Specials. I am about to add to it. Here is a preview:

wed15 019

Photo by Neil 2008

See you there… 🙂

Update and correction

**Yes, you will see I have struck out the jaded bit there. It was a reflex after so often being infuriated by discussion in this area, but I should have looked at sources, shouldn’t I? When I did I was convinced that something informed and intelligent is being hatched down there! See National Curriculum Board. When I see some of the people involved, I am certain good things will come out of this: Peter Freebody, Ros Arnold… Not trogs, definitely not, and that’s just to name two whose work I am familiar with; Ros was a colleague when I was working in Dip Ed at Sydney University; Peter Freebody’s work became familiar to me when I was doing my Grad Cert TESOL at UTS. (See the essay on literacy I wrote at that time.)

Here are two relevant documents:

English Advice: National Curriculum Board PDF.

English Workshop Questions: National Curriculum Board (PDF).