Welcome: week ending 25 October 2008

18 Oct

Geeky stuff: Saturday 18 October

I spend around an hour to an hour and a half on the blogs on a Saturday morning, depending on what I want to do. There are the stats to check, which I will be doing in a moment. Then this morning I had twelve photos to upload via Windows Live Writer to form four Redfern Visions posts on Ninglun’s Specials. Windows Live Writer is such a great tool for this, and for doing posts such as the present one. The downside is that for tagging, as distinct in WordPress from categories, I have to finish the job inside WP via the browser.

Which brings me to browsers. I have mentioned various browsers I have tried, but recently I settled on three, if you don’t count IE7, which I don’t! Today I started in Maxthon 2, which is the fastest and the least demanding on resources. However, once I finished the photo upload I switched to Firefox. Why? Because there are some things in WP which don’t work so well in Maxthon. Soon I will be entering WP to check the stats and tag the photo entries. Finally, I do like Google Chrome, but of all the browsers mentioned so far it is the most resource hungry, even if Firefox is hungrier when starting up.

How do I know that?

Well, I have recently installed this:


Anvir Task Manager, linked to the screen shot, is the most informative device of its kind I have ever used. Yes, that little balloon can be easily turned on and off. The one running there, which stays as long as you want whatever else you are doing, tells what’s running, what the disk load is, and what the temperature of your laptop currently is. When you open the program, as above, you get heaps of real-time information, and not just that, as there are all manner of things you can control via that interface. Good stuff. One thing I have noticed: Google Updater is very active!

Finally, I visit Google Reader twice a day, usually, to make my selections from the blogs I store there. You see the result in the side bar — eventually.

Now, on with this, which will become the sticky post for the coming week.

Updates as they happen

This is added to through the week and mainly tracks what’s new on Ninglun’s Specials, but also notes anything else that comes along. It replaces my now defunct Gateway Blog. After this, over the fold, are the Saturday Stats where I review the previous week.

The week that was to Saturday, 18 October 2008

Floating Life

Top ten individually visited posts in the past seven days, according to WordPress

  1. Australian poem: 2008 series #9 — 157 views
  2. "First Australians" on SBS — "must watc 76
  3. ABC brilliant last night: "Mortgage 71
  4. Sarah Palin — Blogs, Pictures, and 61
  5. Australian poem 2008 series #10: Peter S 58
  6. The Great Surry Hills Book Clearance of 56
  7. Dispatches from another America 43
  8. The Hollowmen – ABC TV 23
  9. Maxthon Browser – Full-Featured Browser 22
  10. How good is your English? Test and Answe 22

Ninglun’s Specials

  1. Top poems 2: John Donne (1572-1631): Sat 29
  2. Sequel: Art Monthly Australia July 2008 29
  3. 10. But is it art? Responses to the Bill 26
  4. Surry Hills 11: hidden streets 21
  5. Family stories 3 — About the Whitfields 19
  6. Redfern Visions 14: Guerilla Gardeners i 17
  7. Moore Park South 1: Views from Mount Ste 10
  8. Surry Hills 10: Little Lebanon 10
  9. Family stories 4 — A Guringai Family St 9
  10. Chinatown 23: Hay Street pedestrians and 9


Thursday had 1,497 views, according to WordPress! Best day ever.

  1. Physical journeys and Peter Skrzynecki’s 1,182
  2. Workshop 02 — NSW HSC: Area Study: Imag 445
  3. Physical journeys and Peter Skrzynecki’s poems Updated 331
  4. How should I write up a Science experime 309
  5. Studying the Gothic, or Emily Bronte? 293
  6. Six suggestions for Imaginative Journeys 214
  7. SBHS Trial HSC 2007 Paper 1 Question 1: 144
  8. Workshop 03 — Creative Writing (Year 12 94
  9. How can I write better short stories? 81
  10. How can I improve my essay grades, espec 71
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