The Chemist’s Tale

03 Nov

Here begynneth the boke of the Tales of Redfern… As Chaucer may have written…

I went to the Redfern doc today for two reasons. One, I was due for a checkup. Two, a perfect stranger accosted me outside Chinese Whisper yesterday and told me about this, singing its praises, so I got signed up today. At $5 for us poor old pensioners it seems worth trying. Oh, and a plus for the Rudd government: going to the doc is less bureaucratic than it used to be. The claim system has been streamlined.

So I went to the chemist in Redfern Street.

mon03 013

Redfern Street 10.30 am today*

The chemist is on the other side of the road.

Now how much of his Tale should I tell? Enough to make a point. I congratulated him for being the first chemist I had encountered who has a PhD. And a heavy accent, but not the first for that of course. Turns out he is a research scientist in medical science with 17 published papers, and came to Australia as a skilled migrant. Trouble is he can’t get a job in research, and having a family needs to work: hence the suburban chemist gig. Seems a waste though, as I said to him as I wished him luck and walked off with the pills that just might help me kick my bad habit – which I can’t afford anyway these days.

* photo by Neil 3 November 2008

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