Promoting Ninglun’s Specials…

04 Nov

Now all you people of good taste out there, go and visit Ninglun’s Specials. It’s not doing too badly, but it could do with more visitors. We can’t have it doing worse than when I just ranted there, can we? I mean, I am being creative and all! Even original…

So here are some thumbnails of recent pics over there, not hyperlinked, and one soon to be posted…

mon27 014a thu23 011a

mon03 015a1 mon03 001a

And over the fold, a bonus pic full size – one of my “experiments”…

sun02 001a

Redfern Park morning

— Photos by Neil 2008

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One response to “Promoting Ninglun’s Specials…

  1. marcellous

    November 6, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    You know my vote will be for the blue one!

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