I believe something is happening right now in the USA…

05 Nov

Of course here in Oz it is already Wednesday, and we wait with almost as much anticipation as folk in the USA seem to be doing. Good to see such a turnout, and I hope their really weird electoral system, which strikes me as being very dodgy in some states, copes. I am so glad we use pencil and paper, vote in absolute privacy – no-one is allowed to look over your shoulder – and even that we have compulsory voting, because then “turn-out” is not a factor. I am also glad we end up with the government we vote for here, because in the USA that isn’t guaranteed because they don’t actually trust the people, it seems, despite their commitment to democracy, and so have that bizarre thing called the Electoral College mixed into the process. Yes, I do know how it works, but damned if I can see the point. (This map is good.) And I will be very surprised if it upends the popular vote in this election, I have to say – but stranger things could happen.

All in all, every time there is a US election I am glad we have the Westminster system in Australia, even with the Queen! I am quite prepared for Australia maybe becoming a republic, even though I really don’t think that will happen all that quickly. But when we do, for heaven’s sake let’s keep the best of what we have because it’s far better than that eccentric US model…

But I will follow it all with much interest nonetheless.

Of course should Obama be elected – and pray God he is – we will have some interesting times here in Oz thinking through trade issues, but we are probably better placed with a Rudd government for that than we would have been with Howard Mark 10… (or George Who?)

For what it’s worth, I don’t believe George Who didn’t know what the G20 is… He may be dumb, as some allege, but he isn’t that dumb… Strange story that though. The Kirribilli House speaker phone may need to be placed at a more discreet distance from the sitting room, that’s all I can say.

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