The good oil on Barak Obama

08 Nov

If the reference to oil may be forgiven, as thereby hangs many a problem he confronts. Indeed there are so many problems one post could not hold them all!

There’s just one thing to say: he can’t be worse than the now dying Bush regime. But, he’s just a guy — though a gifted one — and he’s neither Christ nor Antichrist, or even Mandrake the Magician. But, as I said, he can’t be worse and may well prove to be a whole lot better. Let’s hope so. At least he seems to be starting with a modicum of sanity, and that’s a nice change.

Such are the conclusions we in Surry Hills have formed after a high level conference with the Indian newsagent, but that’s probably as authoritative as most blogs, after all… Except for people like Jon Taplin. And quite a few others, some of them on that Google Reader of mine, which I must now update.

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