With Sirdan and his mum at the Chinese Whisper again…

09 Nov

…where Simon H joined us, and we solved the mystery of the Chinese Whisper’s recipe for batter on their excellent fried bananas. Sirdan and his mum, who is here from South Africa, are off to Perth on Wednesday for a further family get-together. So no Sunday lunches this end for a couple of weeks.

We ate at Chinese Whisper last week, as you may recall.

sun02 003

After that I went on another South Sydney Herald mission to photograph empty shops in Oxford Street. I did get distracted…

sun09 062

Though that was in Bourke Street on the way home. I had just dropped in to the new Beresford, just to check it out, where I ran into James O’Brien and The Other Andrew, and earlier I had seen The Empress and Kiwi Nick, who is very happy, and a few others I haven’t seen for ages. Some of that you can see at Surry Hills 90: Bourke Street and The Beresford and Surry Hills 91: Oxford Street, back down Bourke, and home… on Ninglun’s Specials.

Nice afternoon. 🙂

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