Good heavens! Where does time go?

13 Nov

Yes, it will soon be twelve months since Kevin 07 became our PM, and while Kevin 08 has retained his strong lead in the polls, much has happened in the world, even if, it could be well argued, not as much has happened here as might have done… Even so, I really wish Canberra would get over the old games of politics and give some indication of being serious about where we find ourselves – I refer particularly to the Opposition. The whole paradigm sucks – but I have said that before.

And as for NSW right now – well, probably not as bad as today’s Daily Terror would have us believe, but bad enough. I guess there are degrees of incompetence. Unfortunately NSW since last November has hardly been a great blessing for Kevin 08… And I do rather like Barry O’Farrell; I just am not sure about the baggage train in the NSW Libs. I am no longer sure fixed parliamentary terms are such a good idea; NSW really ought to be going to the polls.

Politics aside, I am really reflecting on the fact that it is a year since M was at Machu Picchu. I guess he reflects on this too. I have to pinch myself to accept that so much of 2008 has gone by.

I’ve tagged this personal – even the political ruminations above are no more than personal. I have more years far behind now than there are in front.

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