A Chinese Thomas? And old, but not a sage.

15 Nov

Not really, though they are of close age, if in different countries. Ben is a discovery Jim Belshaw made recently: Bachelor’s Day – China. His blog is Rambo’s Blogger. Do visit him. He comes from Zhejiang Province near Shanghai.


Ben is not a trainee teacher in fact, it appears. There is also a serious problem for the Chinese underlying that as well: the gender imbalance caused by the One Child policy and the traditional preference for male children.

But speaking of young teachers/teachers to be… Or young teachers that were…

My oldest ex-student is now 60 years old!

Yikes! Or OMG as they say here in The Cloud. Yes, I worked that out last night as I was thinking, for some reason, of the Class of 1967 at Cronulla High where I taught the very first HSC English (Third Level). Now most of that class turn 60 next year, I would think, if they turned 18 in 1967. But one or two were a year older…

Now how does that make me feel?

You guessed it! See the second half of this post title.

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