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Stiglitz on Bush’s economic legacy: November 2007

Pretty much this time last year. I looked it up again because I noticed a visitor (thanks, Sitemeter) reading Reckoning: The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush just now. So how accurate was Stiglitz?

Well, he didn’t foresee everything – the recent drop in oil prices for example. But we can’t say we weren’t told. And Stiglitz wasn’t the only one, was he, or even the first?

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Yes, I watched it…

tue18 I refer of course to The Howard Years. I thought it a good job, though it was rather scary seeing what I for one regard as having happened just a few minutes ago receding into History. Oh yes, I remember Pauline 1996! I was teaching at Sydney Girls High at the time and my English and History classes were all a-twitter about her. In general she was not going down well in that context… I myself wrote to every politician under the sun about her, and even received a bland reply from JH himself, adopting the stance we saw last night. Interesting to see that was just about the only occasion he gave the ever faithful Alexander Downer an earful… Pauline put me in hospital too as I scored a hernia going out of my way to be nice to every Asian I met, including helping one Korean carry some heavy luggage up the stairs here in Elizabeth Street (right), causing the hernia and hospital. 😉

But did you read Gerard Henderson this morning? He clearly got out the wrong side of bed. What does he want: hagiography? He’s wrong too about the Menzies doco. Sure it speculated about Menzies’s ambition in the UK, but not crudely. If anything it went a long way towards rehabilitating Menzies as wartime PM in my eyes. I didn’t see the Chifley one.

If you can be bothered with Gerard at his most tendentious, see The left writes Liberals’ history. I certainly didn’t see last night’s program in that light. I can’t imagine Howard being too displeased with it. Rang true with my memory. Gerard, Howard was such a dominant figure that just about the only “objective”  thing that can be said about him was that he was Prime Minister of Australia from 1996 to 2007 and he isn’t Prime Minister any more. The fact I smiled when I wrote the last bit is of course not objective – but then neither is Gerard’s rather pathetic piece today – and I use pathetic in the proper sense there: “Deserving or inciting pity”. Last week, on the other hand, as I noted, Gerard wrote a rather splendid piece on World War I. I keep reading him because he does from time to time write something really good…


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