Just a quick explanation of “Neil’s Shared Items”

30 Nov

Jim Belshaw is very fond of this aspect of my blog and has said so several times. Marcellous has noted a downside: it sometimes collects early versions of a post and keeps them on display, which can be embarrassing. In one case, though I am not sure Thomas noted it, I collected a post which has not even been published, but must have briefly been long enough for the Google Reader to grab it. It is a rather good post too, so I hope it appears some time.

All Google Reader does is aggregate in one place feeds from whatever sites you are interested in following. Whether a whole post or a part post appears has been determined by the blogger, or by their blog platform. In my own blogs I allow feeds a five line opening, not whole posts. Google Reader allows you to “share” these feeds with others through a reasonably attractive blog-like page.

Some of the people I have picked I know either personally or through some time exchanging comments on the Internet, some I have just come across and found interesting. There are some blogs I would like to include, but can’t because they don’t allow feeds. There are others – Aluminium is one example – that I decided against not on any grounds of quality but because I felt they were rather personal and meant for their usual readers rather than people in general.

Some of the “feeders” are very regular, especially if it’s a group site or blog. Others are irregular. They represent only a tiny bit of the blogosphere, but I always find myself stimulated, informed, amused, or sometimes annoyed, every time they post, so that I wanted to share. You should explore their blogs further by going to the sources which are always just a click away, usually on the entry title. That way too you may see if Marcellous has been rewriting. 😉 (I rewrite too, I should add, though not always.)

In the side bar here you have two options. One is a feed of Neil’s Shared Items which comes via Feedburner and lists the latest 20 choices. The other is the Google Reader itself which currently is kept to 65-80 posts – that is, kept to that by me: Neil’s Shared Items. This displays around ten posts per page. You will notice I preface my choices with a comment, sometimes very brief, sometimes a short essay! These are merely my responses and are in no way “canonical”. As I choose from what Google Reader offers around 10% of what is there, you can be sure any post I share is there for a reason.

Here is a list of the blogs currently feeding my Shared Items:

  1. James Waites (AUS) – at the top because it always comes up as (title unknown)
  2. 3 Quarks Daily (INTERNATIONAL)
  3. Benjamin Solah (AUS)
  4. BlogCritics (INTERNATIONAL)
  5. Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony (AUS)
  6. But Seriously (USA)
  7. Club Troppo (AUS)
  8. Creative Spark (Singapore/AUS)
  9. Culture Matters (AUS)
  10. Deus Lo Vult (AUS)
  11. First Door on the Left (USA)
  12. Five Public Opinions (AUS – but in Japan at the moment)
  13. Get Lost with Easy-Writer (USA)
  14. Global: Ali Eteraz (UK)
  15. Heroes not Zombies (Scotland)
  16. Hoarded Ordinaries (USA)
  17. Homo Homo Sapien (AUS)
  18. Indigo Jo Blogs (UK)
  19. James O’Brien (AUS)
  20. John Baker’s Blog (UK)
  21. Jon Taplin’s Blog (USA)
  22. Life is a Streetcar Named Desire (USA/INDIA)
  23. Love Ely (Indonesia)
  24. Madhab al-Irfy (AUS)
  25. Man of Lettuce (AUS)
  26. Matilda (AUS)
  27. Personal Reflections (AUS)
  28. Postkiwi (AUS)
  29. Renegade Eye (USA)
  30. (AUS)
  31. Stuff White People Like (USA)
  32. Stumbling on Melons (AUS)
  33. Sydney Daily Photo (AUS)
  34. Tasmania (AUS)
  35. The Eclectic Garden (AUS)
  36. The First Word  (Okinawa)
  37. The Northern Myth (AUS)
  38. The Other Andrew (AUS)
  39. The Thinker’s Podium (AUS)
  40. The Wild Reed (USA)
  41. Vulpes Libris (UK – but I think contributors are international)
  42. Wilson’s Blogmanac (AUS)
  43. Wombat’s Waffles (AUS)
  44. Worldman (Switzerland/Sudan)
  45. Yarraville Paul (AUS)
  46. Yawning Bread (Singapore)

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3 responses to “Just a quick explanation of “Neil’s Shared Items”

  1. Thomas

    December 1, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    Do you remember what it was about? I’ve probably sent it to drafts, along with quite a few others that I’ve started and given up on over the past month. I’ll finish it, if it has an audience.

  2. Neil

    December 1, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    It is still on my Google Reader, for my eyes only… 😉

    It begins: “I want to write a post about where the Republican party should be headed…”

  3. Thomas

    December 1, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    Ah yes, that unwieldy thing.

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