Not posting with much seriousness, or let’s lighten up a little…

02 Dec

Three things that have piqued me…

1. The perils of computer translation as seen in spam comments

I will relay this wonderful example of the dangers of word-for-word “machine” translation before consigning it to Akismet oblivion. I do wonder, however, what Babelfishing this blog in another language must yield.

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I haven’t used *** myself, but I think I have experienced * Blurred or unanticipated modest disappointment of envisaging  and * discourteous disappointment at times….

2. The many looks of Julie Bishop

While recognising that Annabel Crabb hasn’t contributed greatly to our understanding of policy issues in her piece today, I did so like it…

NOBODY gives "looks" quite like Julie Bishop can.

The Liberal deputy leader is carefully co-ordinated in everything she wears, from the heels on her feet right up to the expression on her face.

But the expressions are easily the best. When the shadow treasurer "looks" at you, you know you’ve been "looked" at.

The Bishop repertoire ranges from shocked innocence through pouting reproach to pure hate. Each has a specific use. Each is unforgettable.

The shadow treasurer entered question time yesterday wearing "Hillary Clinton".

"Hillary Clinton" is a dazzling, defiant, diamond-hard smile, whose wattage tends to be in inverse proportion to the direness of the circumstances at hand. It is an expression employed when everything around the wearer is falling apart, and she’d really like everyone to change the subject; Bishop donned the very same expression this year for a press conference after her colleagues voted to abandon Australian Workplace Agreements, against her express advice…

I am sure Julie’s original profession of the law would have given scope, but perhaps a post-politics career in film or TV? Imagine Julie in Kerry O’Brien’s role…

3. Aussies not tops in all departments

No, that’s the Poms, it appears: Britain on top in casual sex league. But we have thrust our way into the top five, ahead of the Yanks at least…

In an international index measuring one-night stands, total numbers of partners and attitudes to casual sex, Britain comes out ahead of Australia, the US, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany…


1 United Kingdom

2 Germany

3 Netherlands

4 Czech Republic

5 Australia


7 France

8 Turkey

9 Mexico

10 Canada

11 Italy

12 Poland

13 Spain

14 Greece

15 Portugal

*OECD countries with populations over 10m Source: David Schmitt, Bradley University

Well, what do you make of that?

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