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Local papers

The December issue of The South Sydney Herald is now out, and I did score one photo! 🙂 Your copy here! (PDF)

Read all about: heritage issues re the privatisation of Australian Technology Park; Kevin Rudd’s opening of a new Vinnies facility in Woolloomooloo; Notre Dame Uni’s expansion plans; various issues re housing in NSW; the Council’s new health inspection fees and banning of bill posters; Adam Hill’s latest exhibition; South Sydney Youth Services’ Mad Pride talent quest at the Factory in Enmore … + Curious Works; Christmas Kids’ Club; the Wackness, Quantum of Solace, Australia; Musicophilia; the Pig Iron People, Gay Conversion School Drop Out. Brendan Nelson writes a guest editorial on the Exodus Tutorial Centre in Redfern; Anna Christie discusses potty training in light of environmental responsibility. There’s a wonderful photograph of two young footballers after the 1976 ‘N Grade" Grand Final at Redfern Oval — Souths Leagues Club is keen to learn "where are they now?"

I also note this, which may interest some of you:

* SURVIVAL DAY ON THE HARBOUR: The SSH invites you to join us aboard the Deerubbun for a unique Australia/Survival Day experience on January 26. Support the good work of the Tribal Warrior Assoc. Inc. Meet at Sydney Fish Markets at 4.30pm for cruise 5-9pm. Cost: $70/$60 Concession (includes BBQ and soft drinks). Booking: Contact Trevor Davies before Jan 15 to reserve a place on the boat (trevrssh[AT]

dec03 007Another local paper Sydney Central Courier (more in the Real Estate genre) leads its latest edition* with one of those stomach-turners guaranteed simultaneously to disgust but also to make (most) readers feel good about themselves. * At the moment the online version is a week behind.

It is part of the Murdoch group nowadays, but originally was a spin-off from the Hannan Group’s Courier series, headquartered in the eastern suburbs.

Much is made of the fact that the apparently abandoned house in Elizabeth Street is owned by someone who went back to China a year ago and hasn’t been heard of since.

I just hope he didn’t go visiting in Sichuan Province at the wrong time!

Who knows what has actually happened! Nonetheless, I thought the Sydney Central people were invoking an age-old prejudice or two in the way they presented the issue. Why emphasise his Chinese nationality?

There is of course no doubt the house is a mess, and it’s a shame, since it would be worth $500,000 at least, let alone that it is apparently a heritage property.

The thrust of the article is that taxpayers should resent having to meet the clean-up costs. Well, maybe; but too often “taxpayers should resent…” is cover for what can only be described as self-centred or self-serving attitudes.

What do you think?

The story disgusted me, as you can see, but only partly along the lines intended.

Thought I’d look for myself this morning…

dec03 001 

The general neighbourhood above; the offending house below.

dec03 002dec03 003

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