Sun 7 Dec 2008 to Wed 31 Dec 2008

07 Dec

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Greetings from Surry Hills 2010


What’s new: updated as it happens

  • 21 December: On Ninglun’s Specials: A friend’s new apartment. On the photoblog a new category: views from Rosebery.
  • Monday 22 December: added three to the Views from Rosebery on the photoblog; updated a post here — Random. Later I added the final photo to the current set of “Views from Rosebery”, taken yesterday at Sirdan’s. I also changed the template on the photoblog, upping the display to four and adopting one side bar. More photos and one video were added on 23rd and 24th December.
  • 24 December: changed photoblog template again! Why? The last one dropped a small box over the top right-hand corner of photos when viewed individually. On some photos this was very annoying. A shame, because I liked the template. I am also constrained by the size of the photos. Only a few templates accommodate 650px +. After some experimentation, I have settled on the Times Roman version of this template, but with a sticky post featuring this:

    That's my first try at a collage too.

    That's my first try at a collage too.

  • Christmas Day: I have gone to the other version of the Journalist theme on the photoblog, so now all the blogs match. Today is a “found object” — a genuine one! See Redfern Park: Christmas Day 2008. 🙂
  • 26 December: By WordPress counting, 80,000+ views of this blog have happened since December 2007. Sitemeter shows the 300,000 target for visits to all the Floating Life blogs in sight! On Ninglun’s Specials I added What’s been on Ninglun’s Specials in 2008.
  • Saturday 27 December: started a new series on the photoblog — More East Redfern.
  • Monday 29 December: nothing more will be added to Ninglun’s Specials this year. The photo blog is being added to daily, at least two pics a day.
  • 30 December: I lied, or rather I found something for Ninglun’s Specials: Surry Hills afternoon: Japanese surfers and friend. There are new pics on the photoblog too.

Earlier items over the fold.

Earlier items

  • Sunday 7 December: Began “More best of 2008” on the photoblog. Added new photos to the photoblog, and extra tags/categories throughout. Some nice feedback is beginning to appear on the photoblog. 🙂 See 18 Mary Street 3 for example.
  • Tuesday 9 December: mostly I have been adding "best ofs" and some new material to the photoblog, which now has 1,346 views.
  • Wednesday 10 December: Added both new and recycled photos to the photoblog. Yesterday (WP time) was the biggest so far with 279 views; the total is now 1,631.
  • Thursday 11 December: More best of 2008: 41 – and pause for reflection sums up progress so far (day 13) on the photoblog. Changed to Christmas theme here.
  • Friday 12 December: added to the photoblog. Also on Ninglun’s Specials: Top poems 3: Robert Southwell “The Burning Babe”. According to Sitemeter Visitor #295,000 to the Floating Life sites arrived via TPGI at 10.47 am. It may have been Marcellous.
  • Saturday 13 December: added to the “summer light” series on the photoblog.
  • Sunday 14 December: added to the photoblog and began a new set: Loving Surry Hills. On Ninglun’s Specials: Sunday lunch was at the Porter House.
  • Monday 15 December: The new series on the photoblog continues, two being added. I will add one or two each day for the next week or two! Here, when the 2008 retrospective continues, I will go back to November and work my way towards April. You may note I have already done January to March, but decided reverse order would really be better! December has to wait until January 2009, for obvious reasons. Some people seem to be finding these retrospectives useful. On Ninglun’s Specials: If you have enjoyed the “Looking for Jacob” series…
  • Tuesday 16 December: the photoblog — recent additions under Loving Surry Hills:

  • loving surry hillsOn Ninglun’s Specials: The things you see…

  • Wednesday 17 December: added two photos to “Loving Surry Hills” and a new category views from East Redfern on the photoblog. I have added a page here 2008 month by month which indexes all the “What did I post about?” entries in chronological order and includes the present month. On Ninglun’s Specials: Top poems 4: John Donne “Nativity”.
  • Thursday 18 December: Ninglun’s Specials — That window again…; also added to the photo blog. I have changed the template so that three photo entries display. There are also widgets now, and Sitemeter counts visits. Down side? No more thumbnails in the archives, and no magic colour changes in the background. I hope the advantages outweigh those.
  • Friday 19 December: Back to the “Loving Surry Hills” series on the photoblog; 3 added. Oh, and have you noticed the new avatar? Yes, it is up-to-date, taken yesterday! The “seal” has gone on everything except English/ESL too. On Ninglun’s Specials: Top poems 5: Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) — “The Oxen”. I added a 2008 posts guide to Ninglun’s Specials.
  • Saturday 20 December. Yes, back to normal here; there’s Christmas decoration enough as it is… 😉 On Ninglun’s Specials: Closely watched planes 6: flying boats. There is now a posts guide for the photo blog like the one I put on Ninglun’s Specials yesterday, and two new posts.

To do list

  • WordPress has a new dashboard. I really like it. 🙂
  • Only special stats will appear from now to year’s end. Then I will indulge my fetish over the previous twelve months!
  • There will be some retrospective entries here between now and then, but really new entries will be minimal.
  • Ninglun’s Specials: there will be more “top poems” and “colours” sets over the next month.
  • I plan some new entries on English/ESL, especially for the 2009-1012 HSC, and will revise a number of key entries.
  • I will also check the blog rolls and links pages on all the blogs.
  • The new photoblog: I will add more tags/categories. One of the big advantages there is that through the Archives you can view different “albums” by tag. I haven’t yet made the use of that I should. I will also add a “More best of…” set.
  • Come here to see what’s new on the other blogs and bits…



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3 responses to “Sun 7 Dec 2008 to Wed 31 Dec 2008

  1. Kevin

    December 14, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    Howdy Nin! Which one of your blogs would be considered your ‘political blog’? I’m interested in your take on Kevin Rudd’s ‘progressive’ censorship of the internet.

  2. Neil

    December 14, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    This one, Kevin, and I think Rudd is going down the wrong track on this issue.

    None of my blogs is especially political though; you just happened to catch me in election year mode…

    Have a great Christmas and a good New Year — though 2009 promises to be interesting. 😉

  3. Kevin

    December 15, 2008 at 11:17 am

    You too!

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