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We knew him just as “Dark Cloud”

And no, this is not him…

dec03 025

But I did hear sad news yesterday, from The Empress. On such a park bench some time in the past few months he was found. A heart attack, apparently; we had heard he was sleeping rough in the past few years…

He was about my age, perhaps even a little younger. Over the past twenty years he had come by our circle, sometimes for extended periods, sometimes disappearing for a while. He was well educated, private school indeed, and beautifully spoken. He had grown up, it seems, in England, but was clearly strongly Indian in appearance, a point he never discussed.

He was a man of mystery.

Sometimes he was close to the rich and fashionable. That was always his aspiration, and what he didn’t know about fashion was probably not worth knowing.

He was a terrible hoarder, though, of magazines and fashion accessories. But they gave him pleasure. His flat, when he had one, was apparently almost floor to ceiling with piles of stuff…

A lonely death one night on a park bench. That was how it ended.

Some used to say fear of deportation (or something) kept him outside the system, off the radar. But he was a good man, or so I thought…

Perhaps the Luncheon Club remembers him.


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2008 in review 4: things people come looking for

WordPress accumulates stats about lots of things, including search engine terms. Here is an idea of the year to date…

Floating Life

  1. angels 1,971 searches in the past 12 months
  2. palin blogs 1,697
  3. kiss 792
  4. serenity prayer 504
  5. gay stories 251
  6. english tests with answers 214
  7. orientalism 199
  8. scintillating scotoma 177
  9. von gloeden 169
  10. wilhelm von gloeden 163
  11. sarah palin 147
  12. photofun 137
  13. prayer 115
  14. sarah palin blogs 106
  15. the hollowmen tv 102
  16. hollowmen abc 99
  17. the hollowmen abc 99
  18. bill henson 97
  19. pictures of angels 96
  20. john cargher 87

Other blogs over the fold…

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2008 in review 3: categories in the new photoblog

My to do list said:

I will add more tags/categories. One of the big advantages there is that through the Archives you can view different “albums” by tag. I haven’t yet made the use of that I should. I will also add a “More best of…” set.

The last is ongoing. The tags/categories have now been done, and extended into the “best of” set, which hadn’t been tagged for content.

Every time you visit a category from the archive page you create a fresh album of thumbnails.

people; architectural; local landmark; local parks and gardens; multicultural Sydney; Chinese; Chinatown; Haymarket; Surry Hills; Redfern; summer light; top 10 Nature 08; 50 best of 2008; more best of 2008.

And then there’s not ugly:


Do explore.

You will also find a search facility on the bottom right of the archive page. It works rather well.

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2008 in review 2: hot posts on Ninglun’s Specials

Bill Henson. That’s it, really… 😉

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  2. 10. But is it art? Responses to the Bill Henson controversy 825
  3. Family stories 3 — About the Whitfields 589
  4. Sydney: World Youth Day 2008 fashion 438
  5. The Bard, a Rabbit, and Ninglun 347
  6. Surry Hills 342
  7. Top poems 2: John Donne (1572-1631): Satire iii 321
  8. Family stories 4 — A Guringai Family Story 307
  9. About 256
  10. Family stories 1 – mother 224
  11. 05 — Old Blog Entries: 99-04 195
  12. who’s who (updated August 2008) 158
  13. But is it art? 142
  14. 07 — a controversy — For the record: t 136
  15. More tales from my mother 1 — Spencer, 115
  16. 03 — an essay from 1998: Literacy 104
  17. Family stories 2 — About the Christisons 99
  18. 06 — Blogging Sydney’s Olympic Year 200 87
  19. Surry Hills 90: Bourke Street and The Beresford 86
  20. More tales from my mother 4 — Dunolly NSW 78
  21. Personal Reflections: Saturday Morning Musings: the art of Jiawei Shen 78
  22. Sutherland 02 78
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