2008 in review 7: what did I post about in January 2008?

13 Dec

Yes, I will attempt now to sum up the deathless, and even more not so deathless, posts here. (It may also aid me as I compose my Annual Christmas Letter.)

Floating Life

This blog was quite new in January. Remember the “archives” were imported later on… The link at the title takes you to January 2008.

Everyone has an opinion about Islam… was on 1 January, and is part of an ongoing discourse here where I really have tried to be even-handed in the face of lots of prejudice and bigotry on all sides. It hasn’t been an easy topic to stay sane about. I wrote about Cricket on 2 January, but also on Citizenship and human rights, another issue which attracted much attention over the previous year or so. Sadness in Kenya also comes from that day. 3 January seems to have been a day for religion, but then I must recall that quite a number of the January posts now here were on Blogspot originally, which at this time I was devoting to religious matters; so we have Referenced by The Contemporary Calvinist and Recycle 8: Idle thoughts on New Testament chronology (10 July 2007 on WordPress). M was still in South America: hence 53 tourists rescued in Chile as volcano erupts. Creationism? on 4 January continues the religion theme, while Literary Cricket does not, or maybe it does… It’s one of my better posts. Great test match, but really bad smell on the field… Or was there? the next day is more on that subject. Their 1968 and mine had me in nostalgia mode. What a test match! on the 6th is as you might guess! Where do you think Jesus would be in this? introduces the Camden Islamic school controversy.

On 7 January Found is about a set of things I found while having a clean-out. Further to my 1968 on 8 January is a follow-up, while On other matters… introduces you to the new owner of Juice & Java here in Surry Hills. My archaeology on 9 January describes some of the amazing things I found while cleaning up – due again! Sirdan in London the same day – is it that long ago? Are Australians racist? is partly about Cricket. The clean-up continued the next day: Found: 20 postcards from Scotland brought my late Aunt Beth to mind. Recycle 9: Myself When Young (17 March 2006) is an account of my background, republished on 11 January; Following "Racism No Way": on Aussies, Skips, Anglos and other creatures of our imagination… is towards a post I had promised on the White Australia Policy. Sir Edmund Hillary 1919-2008 was posted on 12 January. That hypothetical Year 10 lesson on "White Australia" on 13 January delivers on a promise; I was between blogs at the time… is rather gay. 🙂

This brush with fame I didn’t know about! on 14 January does a kind of six degrees of separation thing between me and Tilly Devine. Otherwise 14 January has a crop of archive finds from blogs/journals I had thought dead. On 15 January Ex-student Trevor Khan led later in the year to an actual meeting, M back from Antarctica was quite a relief, and Summer stories… was about Corey Worthington. Two unrelated good news stories is a post about Cricket and TV from 16 January. Who cannot be named for legal reasons… comes back to Corey on 17 January, while Recycle 10: Is Australia a Christian country? is one of my most substantial posts. Complex problems, no easy solutions 1: addressing the Indigenous education gap is a post I am happy about from 18 January. Interlude: thinking about Complex Problem #2 and Interlude continuing: thinking about Complex Problem #2 are my working towards the February Apology on 19 January. I notice too that Visitor #175,000 (Sitemeter) came to the Floating Life blogs on this day. On 20 January I enjoyed Orson Welles “Othello” (1952, restored 1992).

Good thoughts from strange places begins the next week. Two good posts appeared on 22 January: On assimilation and Conservative but informative and very entertaining: James Franklin on "Corrupting the Youth". I also located more archives. On 23 January This just about nails it, I think. More on "Is Australia a Christian Country?" finished that issue, while I find this very sad noted Heath Ledger’s death. Now that really is the end of an era on 24 January marks the end of The Bulletin, while Catching up refers to Artist Andy.  Howard government’s anti-public education policy confirmed on January 25 is political, while Naked man post is not. On Australia Day I posted Not quite random and Australians of the Year. Gobsmacked on 27 January is about weird things on blogs; Multicultural Australia: you’re standing in it! is a nice post, as is Australia Day Sunday at South Sydney Uniting Church. I was determined to be positive for a while!

The last week in January! Yes, it was a mad month of blogging, as not ALL the posts are listed here! He was a "character" when all is said and done… is about the late Padraic McGuinness. Postcard from Patagonia on 29 January is about M in South America; One of the most interesting blogs on WordPress is about “Strange Maps”. Heath Ledger and the plank in the eye syndrome on 30 January was originally on Blogspot; Reconciliation, Stolen Generation, Reparations… and all that pretty much speaks for itself. And 31 January: Reconciliation etc. Update is obvious; Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam documentary on ABC tonight still has many readers; This really is a shame is about the fire at the Glebe Chinese Temple. And WP count Visitor #5,000 came to this blog. 76,971 hits now!

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