2008 in review 8: what did I post about in February 2008?

13 Dec

Not as many as January, even though it was a leap year! Again there are some posts here that were originally on Blogspot. My personal highlight was the Apology to the Stolen Generation on 13 February.

Floating Life

1 February was just a stats post. M reappears on 2 February was personally important; otherwise Xin nian kuai le, Lu Kewen and Pick a side, run like mad with it, but don’t pretend you are objective… is a spray about education and the media. I was busy on 3 Feb: On Islam again: preliminary; On the US presidential race; Not intended to be offensive, but sometimes evidence in isolation is no evidence at all… is on Indigenous issues; For Thomas and all those other students out there… is about computers.

On 5 Feb we have Interest rates up – a lot has happened since then; then there is The promised post: inevitably anticlimactic on Islam. That theme continued on 6 February which has six posts! One that is worth mentioning separately is about my bureau: Need to catch up. Next day I posted Sirdan’s Chinese New Year — it was in Hong Kong—and Review catch-up: things read. I am not sorry… but… on 8 February anticipated the big event of the following week, as did I’m with Cathy rather than Keith the following day. Excitement building in Redfern on the 10th continues the theme.

Perhaps we should listen? on 11 February deals with the Archbishop of Canterbury displeasing some with his ideas on shariah law in the UK. I really suspect this is comparatively meaningless is about teacher quality. On 12 February, when the text of the Apology was published, I posted At last: Australia stands tall. 🙂 Good intentions lead to implosion at DoCS? dealt with an ongoing issue. Now of course 13 February was dedicated to one thing: 13 February 2008 and 13 February 2008: just back from The Block in Redfern. I still treasure that day! I was one VERY proud Australian that day. The day after was one post on 14 Feb, as well as What else happened yesterday?. On 15 February I posted Read Anita Heiss on 13 February. Other posts that day included Spielberg bails out of the Beijing Olympics, and A hardy perennial: Why do I blog? Nothing much until 17 February: Two quotes to chew on in Lent is the pick there.

On 18 February, originally on Blogspot, I posted on a very very silly idea: Apparently Barack Obama is the Antichrist. It’s amazing what legs that post has had! Caught up with Sirdan tells you about my Buckingham Palace tea towels! Fortune’s wheel is on the self-destruction of John Howard, which we now understand better after the recent Howard Years series. On 19 February I also posted Outside the whale and Embarrassing quotes in Australian history while reading Frank Welsh’s Great Southern Land. Quick and interesting: meet a blog on 20 February is about a writer M met in South America; then I said I would take a break… The next day (!) I posted This is such a Wollongong — or NSW — story and Pure nostalgia and also griped about 20/20 Cricket. Sojourners does Oz (22 Feb) linked to an account of 13 Feb. Presenting all Western civilisation (British spelling!) in under 3 minutes… (23 Feb) takes you to a YouTube.

It was THAT week in Sydney, so Mardi Gras related is on 24 February. That theme continued the next day in Police and Sydney Mardi Gras and Don’t say you weren’t warned. Otherwise it was Oz History again: Australian History, its teaching, and some other tangents. On 26 February Six good reasons for turning off commercial TV after 6pm Mondays… is still generally true; Oh dear, how can this happen? is about a bit of local idiocy. Meet two neighbourhood blogs on 27 February takes you to Indonesia. Dangerous ground, this… is about a worrying intervention in Indigenous matters, while Well now, that’s my Mardi Gras event for this year tells of the very pleasant Bloggers Meet-Up in Newtown. More on the Blogger Meetup followed the next day, while Here is some truth about Obama’s religious position begins “I have already posted on the quite seriously insane idea — and I mean insane quite literally and clinically — that Obama is the Antichrist. The benefit of course has been to this (and other blogs) who mention the words Obama and Antichrist, a great recipe for increasing traffic at the moment…”

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