2008 in review 9: what did I post about in March 2008?

13 Dec

The month finished with Milestone! Visit #200,000. That refers to all the Floating Life blogs covered by Sitemeter. As I start this post the figure is 295,505.

Floating Life

Mardi Gras week-end kicked off this month: For Mardi Gras: a recycle and Seen heading for Mardi Gras. On Saturday I also posted The Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, while Sunday brought The only gay in the village….

“I guess it is a good thing when one’s prejudices get worked over and one is left feeling a bit of a fraud. That is one effect watching Compass last night had on me…” So I wrote on 3 March: Humbled, followed by Spiritual predator and Too awful even to name about Israel/Palestine. John Howard has just been elected… on 4 March refers to my reaching 1996 in my reading of Frank Welsh’s Great Southern Land, and How good is your English? that day has become a very popular post. Young film-maker is about SBHS ex-student Rory Pearson, while on 5 March I also wrote English/ESL honoured. “Go to Creating a Community of Writers Using Technology and you will find details of a March 7, 2008 Conference in Grand Rapids, MI.” My English/ESL site was an “exhibit” there. Islam is the theme of the first 6 March entry Some interesting thoughts from people I tend to ignore…; On keeping an open mind on Indigenous Australia policy followed. On 7 March DVDs on a stormy night is a review post, while This just intrigued me on 8 March is about US politics. Chinese Whisper now does Yum Cha was a Sunday lunch post.

The next day I posted Seen at a Surry Hills Bus Stop: “I took a walk around 10.30 pm last night. In the bus stop on Elizabeth Street three young men were sitting — friends. What struck me was that I was seeing 21st century Australia as it can be, as one hopes it really is more often than not, despite what we hear.” That day also: The Herald stirs the pot and The Tao of sanity. 11 March saw Still stirring the pot and Old cyber friend reappears: “Years ago now I was a regular at a UK site called Out Everywhere — before they started charging for the privilege! I often chatted with a retired Cambridge scientist named Robin. Interesting guy. He had been part of the British Antarctic research team; now there is someone to have talked to about global warming!…” Gnome away from home, or Gnome truly at home… refers on 12 March to John Howard in the USA; Heat (and some light) on Israel/Palestine refers to David G – before the storm; Updating that hypothetical Year 10 lesson on "White Australia" adds to a January post. Even toilet paper isn’t what it used to be… began 13 March, followed by A movie of rare integrity: "Bloody Sunday" (2002), which also references the first entry on the blog which later became Ninglun’s Specials. There was also Unemployment at a 33 year low. 14 March began with Three from Surry Hills Library, then Miles to go on Indigenous Australians and Well now, isn’t this a surprise? — “No link between Saddam and Al Qaeda: Pentagon.” On mistaking the crazies for the sane and Sin – a quickie began Saturday on a religious note, followed by Milton, melons, and the Rights of Man. Sunday 16 March began with Some issues are hard to talk about rationally… — “… not least the interface between adolescent sexuality and adults. You will note the care with which I phrase that.” I finished with Possibly the worst movie I have ever seen….

On 17 March The natives are so damned ungrateful… is about Tibet, while I would be very suspicious… is about the more swamp-like parts of religion.You read it second here is worth quoting: “Because I read it first on Thomas’s blog, dated 16 March 2008:  Barack Obama is the Democratic candidate. Probably a correct call. Then try Barrack (sic) Obama, Gay Serial Killer? Not on Thomas’s blog. Antichrist? Muslim? And now this? They sure know how to do politics in the USA, don’t they?…”  NSW and tunnel visions on 19 March is probably more poignant now than it was then; Unfortunately, the costs will speak louder than principle is about the Beijing Olympics; Two crime novels: one brilliant, the other competent finishes the day. Obama in Philadelphia begins 20 March, followed by Au Waipang on Tibet. Then Good Friday reading makes clear what day we are now up to! Nostalgia or factual analysis? on Saturday is about education; Murdoch’s good war about Iraq. The Dalai Lama is a living treasure and Posts for Easter Sunday round off that week.

24 March: Cold wind from the north is about China; Very ordinary Chinese food is about Sirdan and I; A year since the Liberals lost the NSW elections is rather obvious! Jump to 26 March: A tale of two kingdoms is about Zimbabwe and, by way of contrast, Bhutan; This should be interesting is anticipating my meeting ext-student Trevor Khan after 30+ years. On listening and setting aside prejudices on 27 March is again about Indigenous Australia; TV delights on DVD includes Armistead Maupin; So of course I blogged it… is about “Blogaholics Anonymous.” Good for you, Mike Huckabee on 28 March may surprise; Yes, there are other viewpoints is about US Christians. On leaving home on 29 March marks the day (I believe) Mr Rabbit took flight, while Dictionary of Sydney Project introduces something new. The last Sunday in March was an Eventful day.

Finally 31 March chronicled the Induction of Andrew Collis, South Sydney Uniting Church, celebrated Last night on ABC: "East of Everything", though it did fall down eventually, and snarled: Bob "Perfidious Albion Is Still to Blame, Not My Idiocy" Mugabe and his Great Election.

Ninglun’s Specials

This began as a short-lived “Wordless Ninglun” blog, the ancestor of my current photoblog except I didn’t then have a digital camera, but all the entries were absorbed into the current Ninglun’s Specials, which in turn passed most of its earlier entries to Floating Life. You get all that? That title link takes you to the March archive.

It began on 12 March with Just watched: "Bloody Sunday" (2002) dir Paul Greengrass. On 13 March: Closely watched trains 1, followed by Closely watched trains 2 (14 March); Unintended consequences on “Paradise Lost” (15 March); Sunday lunch with Sirdan (16 March); Tom Roberts (17 March); Shirtless and muscular for Empire and Imperial Views, Colonial Subjects: Victorian Periodicals and the Empire (18 March); More nostalgia, on Prince Valiant, and Dizzy yet? on an Iranian artist (19 March); Train set for Morris Iemma? – seems we may not get it—on 20 March was accompanied by Holy Thursday: Tintoretto "Last Supper" and About that Tom Roberts painting. I posted Good Friday art the next day.

Gustave Dore’s "Ancient Mariner" illustrations was the first of three on 22 March, the others being For Jim Belshaw: Tibet train pastiche and Surry Hills 1 — Surry Hills is like….

On 23 March I asked How big is Tibet? and posted Surry Hills 2 — Wildlife in Surry Hills. Yet more nostalgia followed the next day. Pics that attract the punters on 25 March gathers images that have been much sought out since appearing elsewhere on my sites. I began a new series on 27 March with Towns I’ve stayed in 1 — My father’s birthplace: Shellharbour NSW.  On 28 March there were two: Closely watched trains 3 and WordPress appreciation. I finished for the month on 30 March with The end of all our exploring…. I still think that is one of the most beautiful posts I did.

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