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25th NSW Schools Spectacular

And spectacular is the word! I celebrated the 23rd in 2006: Celebrating life, love, youth, tolerance, talent and the NSW Department of Education.

Think of all the outcomes that has achieved, entirely the work of our STATE education system, so maligned, so despised…

Congratulations to all involved, especially The Arts Unit, NSW Department of Education & Training, and this is just one of the magnificent things they do…

And the other good news: NOTHING HAPPENED AT CRONULLA THIS WEEKEND! ) Good on you, Shire people and the Lebanese community both. That is the best answer you could have given to racists and extremists and destroyers of harmony in our multicultural city.

It was the anniversary of last year’s violence, and some were hoping for more of the same. As a Shire boy born and bred I was heartbroken about last year, but now I am damned proud! See on my old blog Some of my lessons from Cronulla (Tuesday, December 13, 2005).

This year’s is on right now – and sorry, my ABC picture is rather poor – but you’ll get the idea…

dec14 045 dec14 046 

dec14 047

The Rabbit must know some involved… 🙂

It is kind of cute that at this moment they are belting out YMCA!

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He sneers, he smears, he ponces, he attitudinises…

piers akerman …and he gives conservatism its ugly face and a bad name. I refer of course to Piers Akerman. In his piece today he manages to make me, for one, sympathise with Malcolm Turnbull. Perhaps because I am one of the beneficiaries of Kevin Rudd’s “sugar hit” I rather resent the following, which must be some kind of record for smears and insinuations per line:

Don’t look for a change at the top of the Coalition now though. The Newspoll was taken last weekend when pensioners, carers and other welfare recipients were looking forward to receiving their “sugar hits” in the form of unearned dollars from the Rudd government in the name of economic stimulation.

A fistful of money can be extremely stimulating, as bootleggers supplying illegal grog to Aboriginals at up to $170 a slab in Western Australia have found, whether such spending leads to the protection of jobs in the long-term is yet to be seen.

That is simply vile.

Of course Piers knows so much about economics, doesn’t he? And yes, no-one knows for sure what the effect will be. What I do know is that for me the payment is a Godsend… Of course my dollars are “unearned” – unlike the payouts and “sugar hits” CEOs in finance and elsewhere have been conditioning us to accept in recent years; after all they really “earned” their sweeteners, didn’t they? They really produced something tangible which we can all recognise in exchange for their rewards…

Honest conservatism I don’t object to at all.

Akerman’s smarmy superciliousness simply makes my blood boil. I am just relieved that he is not actually responsible for anything real, just for being a performing seal week after week. I suppose he does that well, if you like animal acts…

Ignore the bastard. I am so glad I am not Piers Akerman.


Bonus pic: Surry Hills Christmas

dec14 004

Surry Hills prepares to party


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