25th NSW Schools Spectacular

14 Dec

And spectacular is the word! I celebrated the 23rd in 2006: Celebrating life, love, youth, tolerance, talent and the NSW Department of Education.

Think of all the outcomes that has achieved, entirely the work of our STATE education system, so maligned, so despised…

Congratulations to all involved, especially The Arts Unit, NSW Department of Education & Training, and this is just one of the magnificent things they do…

And the other good news: NOTHING HAPPENED AT CRONULLA THIS WEEKEND! ) Good on you, Shire people and the Lebanese community both. That is the best answer you could have given to racists and extremists and destroyers of harmony in our multicultural city.

It was the anniversary of last year’s violence, and some were hoping for more of the same. As a Shire boy born and bred I was heartbroken about last year, but now I am damned proud! See on my old blog Some of my lessons from Cronulla (Tuesday, December 13, 2005).

This year’s is on right now – and sorry, my ABC picture is rather poor – but you’ll get the idea…

dec14 045 dec14 046 

dec14 047

The Rabbit must know some involved… 🙂

It is kind of cute that at this moment they are belting out YMCA!

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