2008 in review 10: what did I post about in November 2008?

15 Dec

As I noted here, I am now going in reverse order, finishing in April 2008, and adding December in the new year. That way the months are published in a more logical order. Shame about January-March, but not a tragedy… Of course I now have three blogs to epitomise.

Floating Life

Saturday 1 November brings you The Howard Years on ABC; on 2 November Sirdan and his mum at Chinese Whisper includes one of my best photos, and in the afternoon I wrote Place and voice spot on: Peter Corris, “The Big Score” (2007).

Last episode of SBS’s “First Australians” and a must see anthology on 3 November reminds me what a good year this was for documentaries on TV; The Chemist’s Tale is a story from Redfern. New to read – local and national on 4 November is about the South Sydney Herald; The real education revolution… is among my better posts; Promoting Ninglun’s Specials… explains itself. 5 November was a memorable day: I believe something is happening right now in the USA…; Tribute; Meanwhile in Indonesia…. Next day began with A reminder we could all do with and then US election via George Negus, and the language of religion; the day after I posted On assignment! about a photo job I was given, and Trounced by Thomas! That brings us to the weekend. On Saturday I wrote The good oil on Barak Obama; Sunday was And that’s another thing that really gets on my goat… followed by With Sirdan and his mum at the Chinese Whisper again…

10 November: Bloggers Unite on Reuniting Refugees was accompanied by Quote of the week from Gandhi. 11 November I wrote on Remembrance Day and also Obviously Mohamed Nasheed doesn’t read Michael Duffy… and Would you log back in to correct a comma? Just don’t feel like verbalising today… on 12 November is a pic. Three from Surry Hills Library began 13 November, followed by Good heavens! Where does time go? On 14 November Australian poem 2008 series #23: George Essex Evans “The Women of the West” is the first of three, the others being Credit where it is due: Liberal MP Petro Georgiou and Senator Judith Troeth and Progress in the plant worldA Chinese Thomas? And old, but not a sage begins Saturday (stats report excepted) followed by Peter, Gough and Manning in “The Oz” today. Sunday had the sad news of Father Brian Stoney’s death: One of inner Sydney’s low profile heroes.

The man who told us Al Qaeda would rejoice if Obama was ever successfully nominated… on 17 November is about J W Howard. Yes, I watched it… on Tuesday is about Monday night’s The Howard Years, while Stiglitz on Bush’s economic legacy: November 2007 is an aspect of the financial crisis. 19 November was Shameless plug time and So now I have seen the second program…. Train spotting and time travelling began 20 November, followed by I have praised Maralyn Parker before… on teacher pay. I have been checking “The Howard Years” site on 21 November was followed by one of my navel gazes: The problem of reification. The next day there was Drama on Belvoir Street – and not in the Belvoir Theatre…, then That much hyped movie “Australia” and But I have been reading comics… On Sunday there was the Community Service at South Sydney and So, Mr Murdoch, our public schools are a disgrace….

Last week! My “Looking for Jacob” series introduced a long series on Ninglun’s Specials, and Monday also had I have been gender analysed…. On 25 November Watching The Howard Years has made me nostalgic… and Well! Not all NSW high schools are tragic dumps and wastes of space…. Next day: Memo to Julie Gillard and Kevin Rudd continues the education theme; And that is as far as you get… shows M’s front door. November 27: Why I just cannot take the hard Left seriously…. is a position statement; Beware: “political correctness gone mad” stories may not be all they seem… is a warning; Miranda and Piers in duet after “Quadrant” dinner… is a remarkable double act. Friday brought Some thoughts on Mumbai, announced the photoblog in This is an experiment at this stage, and went into cosmology and theology in Dark energy, God and humility. On Saturday 29 November you get Book notes and footnotes and stats; Sunday ended the month with My “best of 2008” choices (also posted on Ninglun’s Specials); One year on this blog: looking back, looking forward; This post is by no means meant to be cynical…; Just a quick explanation of “Neil’s Shared Items” about the Google Reader.

Ninglun’s Specials

Very busy in November.

1 November: Redfern Visions 27: East Redfern 5; Surry Hills 85: west of Crown St 2. 2 November: Surry Hills 86: west of Crown St 3; Redfern visions 28: East Redfern 6. 3 November: Redfern Visions 29: East Redfern 7; Redfern Visions 30: back to Redfern Street. 4 November: Surry Hills 87: seen on Sunday. 5 November: Redfern Visions 31: Buckingham Street 1. 6 November: Redfern Visions 32: Buckingham Street 2; Surry Hills 88: overgrown. 7 November: Redfern Visions 33: Little Eveleigh Street 1. 8 November: Redfern visions 34: Little Eveleigh Street 2; Redfern Visions 35.

9 November: Surry Hills 89: west of Riley Street; Surry Hills 90: Bourke Street and The Beresford; Surry Hills 91: Oxford Street, back down Bourke, and home…. 10 November: Intrepid reporter back from the mean streets…. 11 November: Sydney: Town Hall Square 1; Sydney: Town Hall Square 2. 12 November: Chinatown 30: not all Chinese. 13 November: Surry Hills 92: west of Riley Street again; Redfern Visions 36: Redfern Oval and Park. 14 November: Surry Hills 93: Crown Street to Darlinghurst; Kings Cross: looking for the chapel. 15 November: Redfern Visions 37: around Waterloo — Philip Street to Raglan Street.

16 November: Sunday 16 November 2008: Telopea Street East Redfern. 17 November: Monday 17 November 2008: Sunday morning Surry Hills. 18 November: Tuesday 18 November 2008: a friend’s fence. 19 November: Wednesday 19 November 2008: retroreading; Thursday 20 November 2008: Telopea Street East Redfern 2 – yes, I know! 20 November: Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 1, an introduction; Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 2: Commonwealth Street. 21 November: Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 3: Commonwealth Street. 22 November: Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 4: Commonwealth Street; Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 5: Commonwealth Street.

23 November: Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 6: Campbell Street; Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 7: Hunt Street. 24 November: Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 8: Market Lane 1; Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 9: Market Lane 2; Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 10: Market Lane 3. 25 November: Sights of old Sydney 1. 26 November: Sights of old Sydney 2: Moore Park boundary post 1833. 27 November: Sydney Christmas banners 1. 28 November: Sydney Christmas banners 2. 30 November: My “best of 2008” choices.

Neil’s Modest Photoblog

Began this month. Visit the November archive there, linked above.

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