2008 in review 11: what did I post about in October 2008?

15 Dec

As I have said more than once, I don’t have a memory but I do have a blog! 😉 Now to see what I can’t remember… I do note an avoidance of too much angst, partly a result of the awful attack on my blogs the month before.

Floating Life 

Boring geeky navel gazing etc 2 began the month celebrating a bit of a record; I also posted A different take on the current financial crisis – disclaiming any authority on the matter. On 2 October was Catching up on the October "Monthly" and a couple of other items. Australian poem 2008 series #21: Adam Aitken led 3 October, with response from the poet. Other posts were VP debate on now: depressing and Picture hunting in Surry Hills. Revisiting The Book of Laughter and Forgetting began the weekend, with Spelling on Sunday: found in Elizabeth Street and Another Sunday lunch at the Shakespeare… on 5 October.

A commendable lack of pontificating in all…

The second week began with Revived interest in Henson and his work and How low can Palin go? 7 October found me reflective in Now, what did I learn half a century ago? and Spring in Surry Hills, and obliged to the Casio in both. Next day I posted Curiosities and ephemera 1 and Curiosities and ephemera 2, continuing the mood; there was also Back in the world… on US politics. Thursday brought Curiosities and ephemera 3 but also All the news that’s fit to blog… and Jim Belshaw on Australia and the global financial crisis. 10 October had Curiosities and ephemera 4, Instead of a Friday poem (a photo), Schadenfreude and Scenes my father and mother saw… – which has some good Australian Depression footage from YouTube. “First Australians” on SBS — “must watch TV” not a cliche… began Saturday, followed by Curiosities and ephemera 5: 1955. On Sunday 12 October The Bard in Surry Hills publicised a local event. I also posted Why the USA should elect McCain and Palin…, M’s Sunday lunch views on the US election, and Um… It’s not me….

Week 3 began with Quote of the week from Bertrand Russell. Unheroic, super-intelligent gay fiction: Samuel R Delany’s "Dark Reflections" led on 14 October, with ABC brilliant last night: "Mortgage Meltdown" and Imran Khan. On Wednesday I posted I am an economics illiterate… – and I am – and I wish William McInnes hadn’t said this… – that is, that John McCain looked remarkably like Uncle Fester! For citizens and friends of the USA: an important article in Education Week and Seduced by synecdoche, or the reports of the death of capitalism may be somewhat hyperbolic… on 16 October marked a return to pontificating, perhaps, but in good causes. Odds and sods and Just one of those things… bucked that trend the next day. So did Surry Hills: strange fruit on Saturday, attracting a rare Rabbit comment, but  Paul Kelly on Kevin Rudd’s week returned to Oz Politics. I also began the practice of a sticky post keeping readers up with what I had been adding. On Sunday Passing on a bit of culture for tonight promoted a friend’s cultural event, while Why I blog — Andrew Sullivan is an A++ entry!

Week 4 began with SBS "First Australians" Episode 3: Coranderrk Aboriginal Station which I found quite brilliant, and followed up with Out of place Surry Hills photo. On Tuesday 21 October was Australian poem 2008 series #22: Kenneth Mackay OBE "The Song that Men Should Sing" (1899) – bloody awful, but posted because it is so awful. I followed with Daft and meaningless and PM lashes Opposition over bank guarantee claims – ABC News. Next day More geek stuff, Wintry spring day in Surry Hills and Not Malcolm Turnbull…, which is actually a music post. I caught some Excitement in Surry Hills on 23 October. Milestone: visitor #275,000 was noted on 24 October. I also posted on One of 2008’s top reads: Tom Perrotta “The Abstinence Teacher” and On despising Turnbull and the Opposition again… The next day I invited you to Look out my window… – otherwise the day was all stats posts. 26 October introduced New: Photobucket albums and reflected on The First Australians again: If any doubted the rightness of the February 2008 Apology…

Nothing on 27 October! Should we say The Lord’s Prayer in the Australian Parliament? and The Great Firewall of Australia? were posted on 28 October. TV lately, the Floating Life archive, Australian history began 29 October: “That will seem an odd combination! But bear with me.” There were also two posts: Waiting for the coachee… (a photo) and In which Richard Dawkins proves that atheism… “… does not inoculate one against puritanism.” But that proved to be a bit of a furphy, though I still find Dawkins a touch schoolmasterly at times. On translation kicked off 30 October, followed by A quick portrait of Surry Hills 2010 and Buddha in East Redfern, a picture post. I finished October with I don’t have a memory these days, but… (see!) and two stats posts. Busy day actually, because there were three more non-stats posts: Last night on ABC1 — “The Intervention” and “Menzies and Churchill at War”; Old and hot in Surry Hills – which is hot! – and Literacy s—teracy – I get so frustrated….

Ninglun’s Specials

There were 109 posts!

Week 1: Surry Hills 24: just a walk around the block 2; Surry Hills 25: just a walk around the block 3; Surry Hills 26: interlude; Surry Hills 27: just a walk around the block 4; Surry Hills 28: just a walk around the block 5; Surry Hills 29: Elizabeth Street 1; Surry Hills 30: Elizabeth Street 2; Surry Hills 31: Elizabeth Street 3; Surry Hills 32: balance: less romantic or just plain curious images; Surry Hills 33: Elizabeth Street 4: the fig tree; Surry Hills 34: Elizabeth Street 5; Surry Hills 35: Cleveland Street to Moore Park 1; Surry Hills 36: Cleveland Street to Moore Park 2; Surry Hills 37: Sydney Boys High Moore Park, aka "The Mine"; Surry Hills 38: wet Elizabeth Street morning – a video; Surry Hills 39: Parkham Street 1; Surry Hills 40: Parkham Street 2.

Week 2: Surry Hills 41: Bourke Street 1; Surry Hills 42: Bourke Street 2; Surry Hills 43: Bourke Street 3 — the Greeks in Surry Hills; Surry Hills 44: Bourke Street 4; Surry Hills 45: transformed indeed!; Chinatown 11: Chinese Gardens Darling Harbour 6; Chinatown 12: Chinese Gardens Darling Harbour 7 of 11!; Chinatown 13: Chinese Gardens Darling Harbour 8; Chinatown 14: Chinese Gardens Darling Harbour 9; Chinatown 15: Chinese Gardens Darling Harbour 10; Chinatown 16: Chinese Gardens Darling Harbour 11; Chinatown 17: on the way to the Gardens; Chinatown 18: Darling Harbour 1; Chinatown 19: Darling Harbour 2; Chinatown 20: Darling Harbour 3; Chinatown 21: northern edge; Surry Hills 46: Marlborough Street 1; Surry Hills 47: Marlborough Street 2; Surry Hills 48: Marlborough Street 3; Surry Hills 49: Spring; An old picture… of my sister; Chinatown 22: Darling Harbour 4 — the video; Surry Hills 50: Spring 2; Surry Hills 51: Spring 3; Surry Hills 52: the Northcott mosaics; Surry Hills 53: Crown Street passers-by – a video; Surry Hills 54: morning light; Surry Hills 55: Riley Street 1; Surry Hills 56: Riley Street 2; An old picture… 2 of my family; Surry Hills 57: Riley Street 3; Surry Hills 58: Riley Street 4; Surry Hills 59: Riley Street 5.

Week 3: Surry Hills 60: the view in 1930; Redfern Visions 14: Guerilla Gardeners in South Dowling Street; Moore Park South 1: Views from Mount Steele — Redfern Visions 15; Moore Park South 2 — Redfern Visions 16; Moore Park South 3 — Redfern Visions 17; Surry Hills 61: Spring 4; Chinese art; Moore Park South 4 — Redfern Visions 18; Chinese art; Aussie bottle; dirty Surry Hills window…; Surry Hills 62: Devonshire Street to Railway Square; Chinatown 23: Hay Street pedestrians and caffeine addicts; Chinatown 24: Central Station to Chinatown 1; Chinatown 25: Central Station to Chinatown 2; Chinatown 26: Central Station to Chinatown 3; Chinatown 27: Central Station to Chinatown 4; Chinatown 28: Central Station to Chinatown 5; Redfern Visions 19: Prince Alfred Park — Spring; Redfern Visions 20: Elizabeth Street; Redfern Visions 21: Redfern Street; Redfern Visions 22: Redfern Street again; Surry Hills 63: Spring 5.

Week 4: Chinese art: Ren Xiong (1820-1857); Surry Hills 64: Spring 6; Surry Hills 65: Chinese Whisper on Crown Street; Four experiments, or Ninglun goes arty…; Four more experiments; And another four…; Yet another four…; Surry Hills 66: Buckingham Street, Devonshire Street, Central Station 1; Surry Hills 67: Buckingham Street, Devonshire Street, Central Station 2; Chinatown 29: George and Campbell Streets; Still playing with Paint.NET; Surry Hills 68: just a day at the office; Surry Hills 69: the lowlands – Elizabeth, Albion, Mary, Reservoir, Campbell Streets; Surry Hills 70: the lowlands again; Surry Hills 71: back to The Mine; Surry Hills 72: Spring 7; Surry Hills 73: Spring 8; Surry Hills 74: Spring 9; Surry Hills 75: phantom streets; Surry Hills 76: Spring 10; Surry Hills 77: Spring 11 – Ward Park.

Week 5: Surry Hills 78: Spring 12; Surry Hills 79: Sunday people on Crown St 1; Surry Hills 80: Sunday people on Crown St 2; Redfern Visions 23: East Redfern 1 – nature 1; Chinatown 30: Central to Belmore Park; Surry Hills 81: Crown Street again; Redfern Visions 24: East Redfern 2 – nature 2; Surry Hills 82: east of Crown St 1; Redfern Visions 25: East Redfern 3; Surry Hills 83: east of Crown St 2; Redfern Visions 26: East Redfern 4; Surry Hills 84: west of Crown St 1.

Yes, I’m rather amazed too! 🙂

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