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2008 in review 13: what did I post about in August 2008?

Much less exciting than September, even if one post* there led to that excitement and another** broke records!

Ninglun’s Specials

2 August: Michael Riley: sights unseen. 8 August: DSL collection – Chinese Contemporary Art. 9 August: Personal Reflections: Saturday Morning Musings – the art of Jiawei Shen. 17 August: Top poems 2: John Donne (1572-1631): Satire III — "Of Religion".

Floating Life

1 August: Money and Trees – the green stuff | Q&A | ABC TV; Kevin Rudd’s convict past; China relaxes internet bans for journos – 2008 Beijing Olympic Games – ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). 2 August: My webbit died… – the new one is in rude health…; Message Stick – Sights Unseen – Pictures By Michael Riley. 3 August: “Say No to No Comment: How to Answer Negative Blog Posts”; Think space + entertainment + slightly adult content – Margaret Cho on gay marriage.

4 August: Sunday lunch, Sirdan, Artist Andy; Unleashed: New global warming science? 5 August: Personal Reflections: Andrew Forrest’s 50,000 indigenous jobs; Boston Review — Days of Lies and Roses: Selling out Afghanistan — Sarah Chayes; God’s Politics – Jim Wallis on Kevin Rudd. 6 August: Levelling with China | The Monthly | Linda Jaivan; Music interlude for Sirdan’s birthday; The 7.30 Report | ABC | The Man from OECD. 7 August: Sense, nonsense, speculation and invective; The Making of the Mahatma (1996); 06 — Blogging Sydney’s Olympic Year 2000 « Ninglun’s Specials. 8 August: Wal-Mart Watch; There’s a lot you might say about China… 9 August: 2.15 in the morning in Surry Hills… – Olympic Games Opening; Confucius says: let the Games begin | The Australian; Lakes crisis deepens | The Australian. 10 August: Tune for a peaceful night; Insights – Uniting Church magazine online — August editorial.

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Very quick assertions, not arguments, about the Rudd government’s climate package

1. I am not a climate change skeptic – however you spell it. See my side bar. The science is convincing enough.

2. It is a fact that whatever our per capita is, our real total contribution to the issue is very small, as will be the actual (as distinct from moral) effects of our policies.

3. Current economic turmoil has complicated matters politically. Politics has always been the art of the possible.

4. The Greens were never going to get what they wanted, and knew it.

5. Much depends on Copenhagen.

6. It is also a fact that environmental issues trump economic arrangements, as the second cannot exist without the first being in a sustainable balance.

7. Doing away with capitalism tomorrow wouldn’t make the slightest difference to the environmental problem. Working for change in the kinds of industry we invest in, buy from, consume, depend upon, just might make a difference.

8. What we have is better than what we had pre-2007, but is clearly not enough.

9. We drive the environmental crisis via our lifestyles and demands, even by things like the very computer which enables these assertions.

10. These assertions are open-ended… They are the product of the top of my head, not of research. In common with most people, I haven’t even read the actual proposals as they will be presented to parliament. I have only read blogs and headlines, and heard grabs…


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2008 in review 12: what did I post about in September 2008?

This month saw my Casio enter my life, and the blogs, giving original pics most of the time. Ninglun’s Specials was revolutionised as a result, but the effect was also seen here. It was also the month of The Great Blog Attack. WordPress staff were excellent through all that.

exz70red chinatown3 revpic26

pers3 tuesday 034 revpic70

Floating Life

September began with Schools required to report income | The Australian and lots of stats! But seriously… on 2 September introduced an American writer of interest, Rich Merritt. I also posted Personal Reflections: Political parties are NOT brands (referencing Jim Belshaw) and Michael Palin would have been a good choice…. Next day NSW Local Government Election 2008 / Sutherland / Election of Councillors to the Sutherland Shire Council D Ward was the main post. Time for some music and I’d like to thank Sarah Palin… made 4 September, while on the 5th there was Yin/Yang beats Either/Or time after time…, Australian poem 2008 series #20: Middleton’s Rouseabout — Henry Lawson (1896), Iemma rolled amid Labor turmoil and I again thank Sarah Palin for another record day on Floating Life — “Yesterday set a new “best ever” at 805 views of Floating Life, with the Palin post now standing at 1,577 views since it went up last Sunday.” Another music interlude started 6 September, while A memorable week on Floating Life noted “With one hour to go in their counting, WordPress has 3,612 views of the Floating Life blog alone in the past seven days.” Then on Sunday: 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games – ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation); DVD time; The Sourcebooks Shakespeare.

Monday and Tuesday of week 2 are blank. Why? See these entries on Journalspace (new windows): Loki came to my WordPress blog….; Just an update; Still a mystery; I have reopened Blogspot; Hack update; Update on the WordPress hack – 12 Sept: “My WordPress blogs, with one exception, are back in business.” Here there is a 10 Sept entry, uploaded later from Blogspot: The coming Costello memoirs. Continuing in WordPress, I announced on 11 September I’m back! 12 September: Normal service will resume shortly…. 13 September: Local government elections today in NSW, and the State Government’s disarray; Bigotry is not confined to the religious or the right wing; The post-hack stats — the week that was; Some changes here. After the week that was, some music on 14 September was followed by  Sitemeter has changed about that abortive episode there!

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Too busy to blog!

Now that’s not something that happens often, but it has been a rather full morning, which took me first to this balcony in East Redfern. And yes, more in line for the photoblog! (The two entries there today went up on autopilot, having been preloaded yesterday.)

dec16 011

Where, looking down…

dec16 015

Then to The Mine. On the way home I ran into an ex-student, Andrew Goodwin (1996), who now lives in England – a Cambridge scientist in fact. Coached him in Debating once…

Friday I’m off to The Mine English Department end-of-year party…

Meanwhile all those things are happening out there in the world, and you are deprived of my deathless prose on any of them… I hope you can survive. 😉

You may read about Andrew Goodwin and quite a few other bright young Aussie scientists on this PDF document: Science Olympians.

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