2008 in review 12: what did I post about in September 2008?

16 Dec

This month saw my Casio enter my life, and the blogs, giving original pics most of the time. Ninglun’s Specials was revolutionised as a result, but the effect was also seen here. It was also the month of The Great Blog Attack. WordPress staff were excellent through all that.

exz70red chinatown3 revpic26

pers3 tuesday 034 revpic70

Floating Life

September began with Schools required to report income | The Australian and lots of stats! But seriously… on 2 September introduced an American writer of interest, Rich Merritt. I also posted Personal Reflections: Political parties are NOT brands (referencing Jim Belshaw) and Michael Palin would have been a good choice…. Next day NSW Local Government Election 2008 / Sutherland / Election of Councillors to the Sutherland Shire Council D Ward was the main post. Time for some music and I’d like to thank Sarah Palin… made 4 September, while on the 5th there was Yin/Yang beats Either/Or time after time…, Australian poem 2008 series #20: Middleton’s Rouseabout — Henry Lawson (1896), Iemma rolled amid Labor turmoil and I again thank Sarah Palin for another record day on Floating Life — “Yesterday set a new “best ever” at 805 views of Floating Life, with the Palin post now standing at 1,577 views since it went up last Sunday.” Another music interlude started 6 September, while A memorable week on Floating Life noted “With one hour to go in their counting, WordPress has 3,612 views of the Floating Life blog alone in the past seven days.” Then on Sunday: 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games – ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation); DVD time; The Sourcebooks Shakespeare.

Monday and Tuesday of week 2 are blank. Why? See these entries on Journalspace (new windows): Loki came to my WordPress blog….; Just an update; Still a mystery; I have reopened Blogspot; Hack update; Update on the WordPress hack – 12 Sept: “My WordPress blogs, with one exception, are back in business.” Here there is a 10 Sept entry, uploaded later from Blogspot: The coming Costello memoirs. Continuing in WordPress, I announced on 11 September I’m back! 12 September: Normal service will resume shortly…. 13 September: Local government elections today in NSW, and the State Government’s disarray; Bigotry is not confined to the religious or the right wing; The post-hack stats — the week that was; Some changes here. After the week that was, some music on 14 September was followed by  Sitemeter has changed about that abortive episode there!

On 15 September Digital cameras designed for ants? shows first experience of the Casio, while Sitemeter again, and a Floating Life post-hack phenomenon carries over from the day before. 16 September: Dr Nelson looks forward to a diet of jam and baked beans…. 17 September: Turnbull triumphans, Wall Street requiem; New post on English/ESL — and something very relevant. My Gateway Blog disappeared too, partly a victim of the “hack”. 18 September: Bouquets and bricks — “Brickbats to Miranda Devine for pursuing an absurd comparison between newly elected Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull and Sarah Palin!” 19 September: Photography and I; Q&A: plenty of questions, no simple solutions. 20 September: The unexamined religion…; Recidivist bore now writing for the Sydney Morning Herald. 21 September: Sirdan at The Shakespeare.

22 September: That recent suicide bombing in Pakistan — just awful; More about yesterday; Self-portrait? 23 September: Politics — random notes…; Shared items and other site news. 24 September: Cutting Edge: Embedded with Sheik Hilaly — SBS; Moving post from gay ex-Marine. 25 September: Just looking; Ian Thorpe — artist. 26 September: Malcolm Turnbull on Q&A last night. 27 September: Shanghai’s amazing twenty years; Watching the first Obama/McCain debate… 28 September: Sunday think space; Strange things in the boot of Malcolm Turnbull’s limo… 29 September: 90% of Australians NOT racist!; Meet a blog: Northern Myth. 30 September: Blame game begins after US bailout failure — ABC; Surprise visit – one of the pics at the head of this post relates to that.

Ninglun’s Specials

2 September: Colours 2: Red. 14 September: Thanks to Sirdan…. 16 September: First fruits from the Casio: Surry Hills 7. 17 September: Chinatown 1; Surry Hills 8: Belvoir and Buckingham Streets. 18 September: Chinatown 2. 19 September: Chinatown 3: Campbell Street to George Street; Chinatown 4: George Street. 20 September: Surry Hills 9: The Northcott; Surry Hills 10: Little Lebanon.

21 September: Redfern visions 5: South Sydney Uniting Church and Waterloo. 22 September: Redfern Visions 6: Redfern Park; Surry Hills 11: hidden streets. 23 September: Surry Hills 12: personal space. 24 September: Surry Hills 13: a dunny lane in Spring; Surry Hills 14: Goodlet Street 1. 25 September: Surry Hills 15: Goodlet Street 2; Chinatown 5: back to Belmore Park and Central Station. 26 September: Surry Hills 16: Holt Street to Devonshire Street; Surry Hills 17: Clisdell Street to Belvoir Street. 27 September: Surry Hills 18: Crown Street by night; Redfern Visions 7: Cleveland Street; Redfern Visions 8: Prince Alfred Park to Pitt Street.

28 September: Redfern Visions 9: Pitt Street to Redfern Street; Redfern Visions 10: Pitt Street and the Redfern Estate to George Street; Surry Hills 19: Sunday lunch and back — weather changing; Redfern Visions 11: George Street. 29 September: Redfern Visions 12: public housing; Surry Hills 20: Coffee 1: Elizabeth Street; Surry Hills 21: Coffee 2: Devonshire Street. 30 September: Surry Hills 22 and Redfern Visions 13: it’s about change; Surry Hills 23: just a walk around the block 1.

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