2008 in review 13: what did I post about in August 2008?

16 Dec

Much less exciting than September, even if one post* there led to that excitement and another** broke records!

Ninglun’s Specials

2 August: Michael Riley: sights unseen. 8 August: DSL collection – Chinese Contemporary Art. 9 August: Personal Reflections: Saturday Morning Musings – the art of Jiawei Shen. 17 August: Top poems 2: John Donne (1572-1631): Satire III — "Of Religion".

Floating Life

1 August: Money and Trees – the green stuff | Q&A | ABC TV; Kevin Rudd’s convict past; China relaxes internet bans for journos – 2008 Beijing Olympic Games – ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). 2 August: My webbit died… – the new one is in rude health…; Message Stick – Sights Unseen – Pictures By Michael Riley. 3 August: “Say No to No Comment: How to Answer Negative Blog Posts”; Think space + entertainment + slightly adult content – Margaret Cho on gay marriage.

4 August: Sunday lunch, Sirdan, Artist Andy; Unleashed: New global warming science? 5 August: Personal Reflections: Andrew Forrest’s 50,000 indigenous jobs; Boston Review — Days of Lies and Roses: Selling out Afghanistan — Sarah Chayes; God’s Politics – Jim Wallis on Kevin Rudd. 6 August: Levelling with China | The Monthly | Linda Jaivan; Music interlude for Sirdan’s birthday; The 7.30 Report | ABC | The Man from OECD. 7 August: Sense, nonsense, speculation and invective; The Making of the Mahatma (1996); 06 — Blogging Sydney’s Olympic Year 2000 « Ninglun’s Specials. 8 August: Wal-Mart Watch; There’s a lot you might say about China… 9 August: 2.15 in the morning in Surry Hills… – Olympic Games Opening; Confucius says: let the Games begin | The Australian; Lakes crisis deepens | The Australian. 10 August: Tune for a peaceful night; Insights – Uniting Church magazine online — August editorial.

11 August: Who Framed George Lakoff? – 12 August: The spell of the Games masks the critical questions | | and a book review; River of Heaven by Lee Martin – Random House 2008 — and Waleed Aly on Andrew Denton last night; Christianity’s coats of many colours « Floating Life. 13 August: Unleashed: Leaving home — on South Africa today and those who wish to leave…. 14 August: Revealed: Telstra’s secret plan to bust unions – National –; Measuring the quality of education not as simple as it seems – Letters – Opinion. 15 August: Australian poem 2008 series #19: You Don’t Get Me — Lachlan Irvine; Writing Politics | Q&A | ABC TV; First Door on the Left » Unfit for publication. 16 August: Beijing Olympics: ‘Ethnic’ children revealed as fakes in opening ceremony; Maxthon Browser – Full-Featured Browser. 17 August: The Fascist Impulse « Jon Taplin’s Blog on Georgia, and Vanity Fair on Mugabe; Sydney Antique Centre.

18 August: The 7.30 Report – ABC: Clarke and Dawe meet with a reflective Philip Ruddock – one of their best all year; Faith Down: Impressions « Red Tory v.3.0 on the Saddleback forum. 19 August: God goes up for debate, believe it or not – National – 20 August: DVDs coming out my ears…; Sex and the semicolon – The Boston Globe; *A counter-post: images, choices, human nature. 21 August: National MP backs guest worker scheme: she is, and I am, so over Brendan Nelson…; ABC2 Live presents Keating! – ABC2 Television Guide; 16 August 2008 – New Scientist; 22 August: Only sorry I couldn’t help more…; 23 August: Pat Dodson’s indigenous reform call; Jim Belshaw on teacher accreditation; Not just for Bruce!; This has bowled me over completely! — “I just had an email. I have decided not to say from whom, except that I taught him towards the end of last century… Those who were there will know…” 24 August: A perfect 10 – Diving – Sports – Olympics – — “Matthew Mitcham is inspirational.”

25 August: Well, so it’s over!; Tales of war and peace as Games end – Latest News – News – Olympics –; 26 August: Top 100 Language Blogs – Lexiophiles; The Daily Telegraph | Breaking News from Sydney, NSW and Australia | The Daily Telegraph; Photo fun – M’s pics. 27 August: Punishing parents won’t stop truancy: why Rudd and Gillard are wrong; 奥运会 – Olympic Games – A view from China « Stumbling on melons. 28 August: Gillard speaking for parents, children | The Australian; Seniors want retirement at 75 | The Australian – not; Download Freeware and Shareware Computer Utilities, and other geeky stuff. 29 August: One and a half cheers for Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard; In search of the perfect photo; More for Kevin and Julia to chew on…. 30 August: Speech by Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama | for the record; A purely personal post which may interest The Rabbit…. 31 August: NTDTV Chinese International Photography Competition; ** Sarah Palin — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress.


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