2008 in review 14: what did I post about in July 2008?

17 Dec

Ninglun’s  Specials

Quiet! 5 July: Colours 1: green. 7 July: Sydney: World Youth Day 2008 fashion. 12 July: Our rude ancestors: Old Sydney 2. 16 July: About the Whitfields: from convict days « Ninglun’s Specials announced a big revision there. 30 July: Top poems 1: The amazing web site of Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

Floating Life

World Youth Day was a major thing this month.

1 July: One fruit from my fiddling… is about my student site. 2 July: Arts & Letters Daily – ideas, criticism, debate; Winters of our…. 3 July: Keith Windschuttle & Robert Edgerton: a comparison of texts on Oz History; Zimbabwe: why it can never be 1870 again, or even 1970…. 4 July: How the NSW government has made World Youth Day into a problem; Let the Right One In, John Ajvide Lindqvist. 5 July: The Hollowmen – ABC TV; Garnaut without (much) comment; Reset – Dialogues on Civilizations | Essays: Benjamin Barber – an important post, I think. 6 July: Hacking Christianity and another blog, and a related item; Arabella Lebanese Cuisine – BANQUET (CHEF’S SELECTION); Expect cheap watermelon spam and splogs anytime soon…; Heads up on Ninglun’s Specials.

7 July: Climate Change in Australia: latest on droughts; And now for something completely different… – Chinese music; Theatre – Spring Awakening – Belvoir St on; Youth Day rail strike plan rushed to IRC – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). 8 July: Exclusive documents reveal church ignored abuse allegations. 9 July: China – The Day the Schools Fell Down; Family day; Pakistani Spectator interview draft now ready. 10 July: ninglun’s dvds – Videos about Doctor Who, Bloody Sunday, Swimming Upstream…; Maurice O’Riordan’s view on nude children as art wrong | Piers Akerman; My idea for The South Sydney Herald; Q&A | ABC TV on climate change. 11 July: Personal Reflections: Modern Australia’s obsession with sexuality; School of the prophet welcomes Lord’s flock – World Youth Day. 12 July: Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 Release; Musical interlude: maybe WYD related…; Bisexual Species: Unorthodox Sex in the Animal Kingdom: Scientific American. 13 July: Wombat Dreaming and other blogmarks; "A Life of Unlearning – a journey to find the truth".

14 July: Marcel and the pilgrims, and other reflections…; A Life of Unlearning — a journey to find the truth — the book; Just back from tuition…. 15 July: ENOUGH ROPE with Andrew Denton – episode 176: Bob Hawke; Channel 4 – News – Dispatches – Undercover in Tibet; The Politics of FEAR – Barack and Michelle Portrayed As Militants « E Pluribus Unum. 16 July: Court backs WYD activists’ right to annoy – News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation); Ninglun scores a first. 17 July: Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales; Brightens up the city a bit, doesn’t it? 18 July: Catholic Church sex abuse investigations ‘a joke’ and other WYD reflections; Australian poem 2008 series #18: YouTube – Poetry Clip: Robert Gray. 19 July: ::: Alexander McCall Smith :::; Pilgrim watching in Surry Hills; Liberal – Conservapedia: this is not a joke. 20 July: Pope acknowledges the ’shame’; YouTube – world youth day – and Sirdan and I at Sunday lunch.

21 July: ninglun’s videos – VodPod; Glue Sniffing Among Street Children | The Pakistani Spectator. 22 July: How Different My Life Would Have Been If… — Anthony Venn-Brown; Death of Free Internet? And other cautionary tales on "free enterprise" and lying more generally…; Believe Me, It’s Torture: Politics & Power: Hitchens. 23 July: Personal Reflections: Praise for Centrelink; Hey from New York « Deus Lo Vult; A Critic Abroad: Symphony of Millions: A Critic at Large: The New Yorker. 24 July: On comment threads and forums; Encounter – 20 July 2008 – science and religion at "the horizon of mystery". 25 July: Hugh Trevor-Roper’s ‘The Invention of Scotland’ – July 23, 2008 – The New York Sun; 2006 July « Floating Life Apr 06-Nov 07; Don’t say you weren’t warned… “Be wary of bloggers who promote religion, sexual deviation, intellectual onanism, trivia and, worst of all, themselves.” – um… 26 July: Great project, great story…; Music interlude. 27 July: I was too afraid to sleep — “ABC foreign correspondent Peter Lloyd who is facing drugs charges in Singapore.”

28 July: Saffron’s son: Dad paid off Askin and lent Packer money – NSW: the good old days! 29 July: The bleeding obvious is still news to too many…; Some blogs to note: just three among many…. 30 July: ‘Pacific solution’ to thank for relaxed detention rules: Ruddock – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation); Losses grind 61 Starbucks stores | The Australian; China blocks internet access for foreign media. 31 July: Channel 4 – Faith and belief – Opus Dei and the Da Vinci Code; Any of you watching Q&A at the moment?; Chinese authorities’ broken promises threaten Olympic legacy | Amnesty International.

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