2008 in review 15: what did I post about in June 2008?

18 Dec

June? What happened in June? Do you remember? I don’t… 😉

Ninglun’s Specials

Just four entries. 2 June: Redfern visions 4. 10 June: Revolutionary new experiences in The Shire 1967 to 1968 – such as Earl Grey Tea! 20 June: Islam medley – art and architecture. 24 June: Smart art — Australian artist Jeffrey Smart.

Floating Life

I notice I declared a break on 30 June! Didn’t last long…

1 June: Just to reassure you all — “Mathematical proof that ninglun is not the Antichrist!” 2 June: Yeah, right… – on the Henson affair; Cyber condoms again; Maralyn Parker at Mascot Public School; Last night on ABC1 — Wild China: Tibet. 3 June: When it comes to apocalyptic texts, exercise restraint…; Test your blog in different browsers. 4 June: Some of life’s little ironies — well, not so little…; And how about that Mugabe…? — “Oh my God, when will Africa’s most recently unelected “leader” die of old age, retire, disappear, self-destruct, or become the victim of a well-deserved assassination?”; Thomas (and Obama) has won!. 5 June: Far more sensible than many people think — “I have been reading James Lovelock.” 6 June: Christianity’s coats of many colours; Lightening up. 7 June: Quick footnote on Sojourners — and meet a blog. 8 June: Interesting on India, and on left politics generally — Martha Nussbaum; Always remember your readers are human, so are other bloggers, and so are you….

9 June: Wild China again — and a quiet Queen’s Birthday weekend; Too many DVDs; Here was I playing with templates and not wanting to be serious…; This is a joke, isn’t it? 10 June: Great movie, great ironies: “Cry Freedom” 21 years on; Meanwhile in Zimbabwe…. 11 June: Ross Gittins tells it as it is; Havacuppa mate…. 12 June: Irfan Yusuf’s book review and his response to a response. 13 June: Relevance of Canada’s Apology to Australia’s; Australian poem 2008 series # 16: cheating slightly…; Moving up despite the "death of civilisation" merchants. 14 June: Camden and district; Sudden activity on my Facebook. 15 June: I like a wine with a meal and an occasional beer…; Interesting and different blog — commendable entry.

16 June: Ninglun and the mullahs; 17 June: A 20th century author I had never read before…; Just about everyone I know is ambivalent about the USA. 18 June: Meet a wild reed…; Very clever, Paul. 19 June: Interdependency; Australian poem 2008 series #17: "Australia" — A D Hope; The changes, the changes! 20 June: So why is it so pink* and narrow? – on one of my less desirable template changes; Thomas goes for posting record. 21 June: Divine right of Mugabes and other illusions; The NT Intervention after one year. 22 June: Around the blogs: 1; Around the blogs: 2; Around the blogs: 3.

23 June: Around the blogs: 4; Yet more blogging about blogging…. 24 June: How disrespectful! How tragic!; Wikipedia is evil! or is it? 25 June: It’s a miracle: Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life; More from that Pew Forum; Strawberry Hills Pub « Floating Life: what’s in the archives here. 26 June: Pause for some music; Flash Intro Page: Kevin Hunter. 27 June: God’s Politics – Dobson and Obama: Who is ‘Deliberately Distorting’?; 25 June 2008 – Three New Judges Appointed to the Federal Court; 28 June: Da book meme; Have your say on the issue of the day! The Polls Page also started on 28 June; 29 June: The World’s Top 20 Public Intellectuals; Papal Surry Hills July 2008. 30 June: Coffee break.

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