2008 in review 16: what did I post about in May 2008?

19 Dec

Here is a handy list of all the things I didn’t post about in May 2008. 😉

Ninglun’s Specials

Quite a few posts this month. 2 May: Closely watched planes 3. 3 May: Towns I’ve stayed in 3 — Hill End NSW. 4 May: Closely watched planes 4 — "Faithful Annie". 6 May: Surry Hills 6 — found images. 8 May: Closely watched planes 5 — Tiger Moth. 9 May: Shire childhood, adolescence and early adulthood 1. 11 May: Shire childhood, adolescence and early adulthood 2: 1958. 12 May: Shire childhood, adolescence and early adulthood 3: 1959 – 1961. 13 May: Towns I’ve stayed in 4 — Trundle NSW. 14 May: Shire childhood, adolescence and early adulthood 4: Cronulla 1961-1962, 1964-1969. 15 May: Things noted, even in Cronulla, in 1969. 16 May: Miscellaneously good, bad, or ugly. 18 May: Redfern visions 3: plus part of Surry Hills. 19 May: Chinese art 3 — modern traditional landscapes. 22 May: Homage to John Flynn. 23 May: But is it art?NOW A PAGE. 26 May: Sirdan’s pics from the Wollongong trip. 30 May: Towns I’ve stayed in 6 — Wellington NSW.

Floating Life

1 May: Obama’s Mister Wright…; Radio presenter John Cargher dies. 2 May: New Orleans crime fiction draws on crime fact, especially one incident in the shocking history of homophobia; Tony Abbott reinvents the "undeserving poor" (see Shaw’s "Pygmalion") and calls it "new conservatism". 3 May: On dividing the rainbow – one of my better religion posts. 4 May: More Tartan Noir: Frank Muir "Eye for an Eye" (2007); Sunday with Sirdan: Chinese Whisper/Brett Whiteley/The Oxford.

5 May: For every history there are alternative histories…; Salam Cafe on SBS Wednesdays at 10 pm. 6 May: Always sobering but also exciting… – about blogging and audience; Burma. 7 May: Good morning, Windows XP users – SP3 arrives; There’s this guy who goes looking for chooks…; Meet a blog: Egalitaria from Malaysia. 8 May: Burma 2; More on Salam Cafe; Weird and wonderful — two unrelated items. 9 May: Australian poem 2008 series #13 — Roland Robinson (1912-1992); 10 May: Burma 3. 11 May: Music my mother liked…; South Sydney Uniting Church 4 May 2008; Is nothing sacred?.

12 May: Last night I watched Channel Ten!; Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter on Talking Heads tonight. 13 May: Recycling old arguments…; On the Budget. 14 May: The Lion of Zimbabwe. 15 May: Paradox on paradox — don’t expect solutions here either on Israel at 60; So that was Brendan I saw coming out of the Surry Hills Actors Centre then…. 16 May: Australian poem 2008 series #14 — Rosemary Dobson (1920 – ); And tomorrow is…. 17 May: Uncertain dogma, The Shire, and related musings. 18 May: So this Sunday… — “Dorothy at church had a choice bit of hate mail from one of those delightful people who don’t know her but nonetheless can confidently consign her to the hell of their fevered imagination and Manichaean tradition.” Compass tonight on Jehovah’s Witnesses.

19 May: Chinese items. 20 May: How are you? — “Roger Sandall, an anthropologist the Right loves to love, has a bit of a spray on ABC Unleashed about one of our own cultural practices.” What’s in a name?; Updating the China items. 21 May: Lazy blogger — “I wrote such good stuff in the past! So today go back twelve months, and then 24 months, and then 36 months…” 22 May: Why Australian conservatives are having such a losing streak lately? 23 May: Last night on ABC: Rudd survives, London inspires; How to protect your good name against cyberspite; Opposition temporarily unites in an illusion of competence. 24 May: Kevin Rudd as art critic. 25 May: To Wollongong with Sirdan — more than the usual Sunday lunch.

26 May: New on ABC: "The Gruen Transfer" — funny and useful?. 27 May: Child porn playwright sought — “NSW Police, acting on complaints by Interested Citizens, are on the point of cracking Child Pornographer William Shakespeare. “I have never heard anything so disgusting in my life,” Prime Minister Rudd told Good Morning Australia…” 28 May: Must watch Salam Cafe tonight on SBS (after The Gruen Transfer on ABC); Playing politics. 29 May: Miranda versus the arts community; GWB’s song and dance man changes tune. 30 May: People who don’t speak Muslim and Q&A last night — “The class act last night on Tony, Tanya and Bob was the guy in the audience who said ‘I’m married to a Muslim, so I speak Muslim; welcome to my world, and a good place it is too!’ Not such a class act was Tony Abbott’s ‘throw-away line’…”; Australian poem 2008 series #15 — John Shaw Neilson "The Orange Tree". 31 May: You may as well protest about photosynthesis…; One year on.

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