2008 in review 17: what did I post about in April 2008?

19 Dec

Because I began this series “backwards”, this is in fact the last of these chronological summaries! I have made sense of it all on 2008 month by month.

Ninglun’s Specials

2 April: Kafka on the Shore. 3 April: Chinese Art 1: Tang. 5 April: Closely watched trains 4. 6 April: Old Sydney 1. 8 April: Surry Hills 3. 9 April: Surry Hills 4. 11 April: Chinese Art 2 — 21st century. 13 April: Closely watched trains 5. 14 April: Australia: proposed divisions 1838 and as it was in 1900. 15 April: Surry Hills 5. 18 April: Reading Primo Levi. 20 April: More nostalgia. In my boyish imagination…. 21 April: Closely watched planes 1. 22 April: Closely watched planes 2. 27 April: Towns I’ve stayed in 2 — Dorrigo. 28 April: Redfern visions 2.

Floating Life

1 April: Quotes to savour from recent ABC programs; This is home now — “Ninglun’s Journalspace has been deleted, to take effect in 48 hours from now. The posts on Ninglun on Blogspot have been imported here…” Not an April Fools joke; I changed my mind about deleting Journalspace and was glad I did later in the year… 2 April: Successful bloggers; Like a benign psychotic episode: East/West imagination in "Kafka on the Shore" (2005). 3 April: Big changes!; Surprise! – both on changes than happening on my blogs, some since undone. 4 April: When the news and all gets you down…. 5 April: Political and blog roundup. 6 April: Surry Hills on ABC 1.

7 April: This has a certain fascination…; Snow Falling on Cedars DVD; Merrylands High School rampage. 8 April: Watching Angels and Demons on Enough Rope last night; Fascinating stuff; Instant punditry. 9 April: Don Aitkin outside his field; R.I.P. John Button; Yeah, I like Flock too. 10 April: I’ll be dead by then of course… – about future plans for Sydney; Admit your sins to the Lord, priest tells gay judge; Cana Community on Radio National; Oasis watched. 11 April: A note on Zimbabwe; On Kevin Rudd in China: Geremie R. Barme and Paul Monk on Lateline; Australian poem 2008 series #11 — George Essex Evans. 12 April: When a blog is good enough to be a book; Local. 13 April: Blandly dishonest and/or stupid statement of the day; From this fading blogger to the future — in hope.

14 April: Denise Mina and “Tartan Noir”; Presbyterian nostalgia: Burns “The Cotter’s Saturday night”; NSW — No Slush-fund Worries…; Stormy Monday. 15 April: Plug for a worthwhile event from ACON; Not ranting but…. 16 April: News comment spot — non-ranting…; Back from Chinatown. 17 April: Daily Terror reports on yesterday’s conference — “Should children be taught about homosexuality at school?”; Sharp yet gentle satire in McCall Smith’s parochial epic: "The World according to Bertie". 18 April: Items found in mags and such; Instead of a poem… “…I have decided to give you a couple of snippets from The World according to Bertie by Alexander McCall Smith.” 19 April: Australia 2020 Summit; One of the most pathetic examples of humanity on the planet…. 20 April: John Cargher; Entering into Dialogue – Christianity and Islam; Quick note on the 2020 Summit.

21 April: Wartime tragedy — Compass last night; Well, isn’t this a surprise?. 22 April: Foreign Policy Magazine. 23 April: Olympics affects my tuition schedule…; Oz Republic?; 2050; Calculated sabre rattling… — “…which seems to have succeeded, but Hillary Clinton’s use of the term “obliterate” I thought quite unwise, for much the same reason Barack Obama gives.” 24 April: Alasdair Duncan’s common sense; Akerman in the cold — “After over a decade of being Grand Simplifier, Witchfinder-General and Sir Echo at the Court of King John, Piers Akerman has thrown himself with zeal into the role of the Prince of Peeve. It must be hard after all those years of influence and, indeed, celebrity…”; Women and children in the rear, thank you…; For those who don’t visit the front door… — “There’s a new page in progress on Ninglun’s Specials — quite far advanced now: More tales from my mother…” 25 April: Australian poem 2008 series #12 — Judith Wright recycled for Anzac Day. 26 April: Beijing agrees to Tibet talks – shame they led nowhere… 27 April: I like Norman Davies; Aluminium is a mum.

28 April: Awe and wonder, but definitely not science — “Such is my approach to the Biblical AND Quranic texts that deal with creation. I revel in the poetry, but would never try to base on that poetry any kind of intellectual understanding of how the universe came into being, continues, and what its end might be…”; I have taken no (zero, zilch, nada) interest in the IPL competition…. 29 April: Sir Gustav Nossal on Talking Heads last night; That de facto English test: scrap it, or admit what it really is!; My Vodpod(s). 30 April: Sorry about that, Chief… — “THE Pentagon’s former chief prosecutor has admitted he never wanted to pursue charges against the Australian terrorism suspect David Hicks…”; Other blogs; Overdue catchup for Aussie gays and lesbians.

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