Blogs that have come this way…

19 Dec

Here are some interesting blogs which have either linked to me, or turned up by way of comments or those odd “similar posts” things that appear from time to time on WordPress.

1. Peter Knox – Australian Literature Researcher and Regional Anthologist. Always ready to infect others with his enthusiasm for Australian Literary History must be among the longer blog titles! The connection comes, I think, through a fascinating family and literary history blog by his assistant: MELINDA KENDALL : HER LIFE AND WRITINGS, which I alluded to in the course of my Australian Poem series. Peter has me listed under “FELLOW ACADEMICS AND ODDITIES”.  As I am not a “fellow academic”, I must be… Not that I mind. There is a Wollongong connection here too.

2. ANZ LitLovers LitBlog: “We are an online reading group for Australian and New Zealand lovers of literary fiction.  Our members are keen readers of all ages who discuss books and book-related topics by email.”

3. Alex Schlotzer: “I consider myself to be a rather straight forward kind of person. I mostly spend my time involved in politics whether at a local, state, national or international level. There are many things that can be done in the world and all of it relies on the politic at the time. I do have other hobbies than just politics… I love to read and taking public transport means I have lots of time to read. If you’re wondering what kind of things I like to read, I reckon having a look through this blog will give you the answer. I also enjoy creating short movies to upload to YouTube. I have a couple of side-projects on the go, which takes up my joy of creating short movies for the Internet and political online activism – We Can Make Change , Australian Politics TV and Brimbank Climate Action Network…”

4. Australian politics – a centre-left 13-year-old’s view. Yes, that’s what it says… A Thomas in the making? 😉

I was born on 1 February 1995 – during the Keating era. Nothing too important happened that day, in fact nothing too important happened in the five years Keating was dicta… prime minister. Yes, from 1991 to 1996 nothing very important happened, except for my birth.

The city I was born in  just happened to Perth, Western Australia.

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