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See you in a day or two…

We’ve had some comment-worthy events here in Oz overnight, but they can wait… Go to that link though. If you download what you find there you will have a read that is as interesting as most novels, and unbelievable too – except it happened.

And here is a sign of the times in Elizabeth Street Surry Hills.

 Alcohol free or alcohol-free?

Alcohol free, or alcohol-free?

I’ll be at M’s for Christmas Day — his 20th in Australia. Sirdan will be joining us.


My brother in Tasmania rang. His son Warren is with him for Christmas, the first time in forty years they have been together for this season!

I leave you with a little local mystery. The building behind the signs above is the former Consulate of the Peoples Republic of China. It is being renovated by an army — perhaps the word is apt — of Chinese workers. It’s a rather overcast Christmas Eve, but they are soldiering on. Normal work and safety considerations seem irrelevant…

dec23 016

That’s about five floors up.

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