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Ninglun’s Specials and Memory Hole

1 January: End of decade – or not; 4 January: Mothballed. 14 January: Re-opened as Ninglun’s Specials and Memory Hole; memorabilia 1: overview (also posted on Floating Life); memorabilia 2: great-grandmother — 1940s; memorabilia 3: the telegram – World War II. 15 January: memorabilia 4: the card — 1951; memorabilia 5: soror mea c. 1948. 16 January: memorabilia 6: Papua 1945. 17 January: memorabilia 7: RAAF in World War II. 18 January: memorabilia 8: RAAF in World War II – documents 1. 19 January: Memorabilia 9: RAAF in World War II – documents 2. 20 January: memorabilia 10: cradle roll 19 August 1945. 21 January: memorabilia 11: 1944-1945. 22 January: memorabilia 12: my grandfather in the 1880s. 24 January: memorabilia 13: 1993-4. 30 January: memorabilia 14: the graduation 1965. 31 January: January 2009 Report 1.

Floating Life

1 January: Floating Life and English/ESL in 2008. 2 January: Mendelssohn Bicentenary; Last 2008 in review post: my also-rans… Goodbye, Journalspace!; A whiff of sanity on Israel and Palestine. 3 January: WP stats and my latest; Yes, it’s on again; I hereby ban the word “fascist” from this blog…. 4 January: Hmmm… Been blogging for way too long…; Rationalising resources; Just a quiet Sunday afternoon in Surry Hills… 1; Just a quiet Sunday afternoon in Surry Hills… 2.

5 January: Joshua to Gaza 2009; My blog wordled, and Quote of the Week #1. 6 January: Radio National Poetry special: Five Bells by Kenneth Slessor; It’s hot, but so’s the cricket. 7 January: New Year blogging resolutions; 2009 book notes: 1; Yesterday’s crisis; What an amazing Test Match! 8 January: Breaking the silence on my English/ESL blog!; Two from regulars to this blog; Fascinating blogging and cultural phenomenon; A rabbi on Gaza; I’ve been writing an HSC English essay! 9 January: You can tell Thomas is on holidays…; Friday intellectual spot 1; Behind the news: Rosemeadow NSW. 10 January: DO ANY OF THESE SYMPTOMS FIT YOU?; Five more from regulars to this blog; Reconciling cybercondoms with a low end computer; What’s new: Sunday 11 January to Saturday 17 January. 11 January: Sunday is music day 1; Sunday Floating Life photo 1.

12 January: Only the demons are dancing…; Quote of the week: Week 2 2009; Coming up on the photoblog. 13 January: Transamerica — SBS last Saturday night ****; More top viewing, and the pity of war; Is my blog changing direction?. 14 January: Here’s another “100 best novels of all time” post; Nancy Bird Walton; Memorabilia. 15 January: On this day I blogged… of course; Bloggies, bloggers, and internet filtering; Yes, it is a hot day in Surry Hills today. 16 January: Friday poem: 2009 #1 – Pablo Neruda; Meanwhile in Zimbabwe; Friday intellectual spot 2; Friday school holiday games in Prince Alfred Park. 17 January: Saturday is stats time; This post has no title. 18 January: Sunday is music day 2: Brahms Piano Quintet in Fm, 4th mvmt; Sunday Floating Life photo 2; Bonus poem: Yehuda Amichai (1924-2000).

19 January: Quote(s) of the week 3 2009 – and more; Surry Hills: coming up on the photoblog; Obama in Surry Hills? 20 January: 1949: I was there and even remember it!; We would all do well to read this. 21 January: Slowdown; My blog picks on the Obama Inauguration. 22 January: If the USA can have a new President…; Bishop Robinson’s “lost prayer”. 23 January: Friday intellectual spot 3: Frank Furedi; Friday poem 2009 #2: perhaps the shortest ever!; Freak shows – or how Irfan Yusuf spoiled this post with some bloody facts!; School holidays coming to an end; Cricket in Sydney. 24 January: What scored in the past week; Irfan Yusuf and the ranting nut-jobs. 25 January: What’s new: Sunday 25 January to Saturday 31 January; Sunday is music day 3: nothing if not eclectic!; Sunday Floating Life photo 3; Very rare and special: pics from M’s Chinese New Year Party 1; Very rare and special: pics from M’s Chinese New Year Party 2; Very rare and special: pics from M’s Chinese New Year Party 3.

26 January: If it’s Australia Day expect at least some party-poopers…; I’m not Jewish, and I’m offended…. 27 January: Top viewing last night: Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts (2007) *****; Wet Monday. 28 January: Is it time to consider Linux? 29 January: Change and decay in all around I see…; I’m not an atheist but…. 30 January: Friday intellectual spot 4: Jerry A. Coyne; Friday poem 2005 #3 – Robert Frost “Design”. 31 January: Kevin, Peter, Malcolm … and Jim … on 2009 not being 1996…; RadarSync and other geeky things; January 2009 – posts with 200+ views.


Ninglun’s Specials and Memory Hole

1 February: January 2009 Report 2. 9-15 February: A week of respect and solidarity. 14 February: The bushfire and the Australian imagination. 15 February: Memorabilia 15: 1959 — or thereabouts.

Floating Life

1 February: To think about: CEO ethics; Sunday is music day 4: for Mardi Gras — and the Welsh; Floating Life Sunday photo 4. 2 February: What a pity I am retired… 3 February: Lots to think about – international, national, local. 4 February: Quote of the week, and book reviews 1; Journalspace is back; Jon Taplin on brain-dead economics. 5 February: Book reviews concluded; Rudd in “The Monthly” – but there really is more. 6 February: Friday poem 2009 #4 – Poetry on 3 Quarks Daily; Friday intellectual spot 5: 3 Quarks Daily and Dissent; Nice, but hot. 7 February: Saturday, Saturday…; To market, to market, to buy a fat hen…; Noted: major post by Jim Belshaw.

8 February: Sunday is music day 5 — Mattias Jacobsson – Concierto de Aranjuez, Adagio; Floating Life Sunday photo 5; Church of the holy bicycles…; BlogExplosion has reappeared. 9 February: Thinking about Victoria; 9-13 February: A week of respect and solidarity. 13 February: Re-opening today, but keeping to the bushfire theme; Instead of the Friday poem: Dorothy McRae-McMahon; 13 February. 14 February: Saturday quick stats; Still on the fires.

15 February: Sunday is music day 6: gay anthems; Floating Life Sunday photo 6: Mardi Gras Fair Day. 16 February: Last night I was 15 again…; If there’s a catastrophe anywhere the Jihadists have done it…; Four Corners: Two Days in Hell. 17 February: We also had Media Watch on ABC last night…. 18 February: For many kids Civics is arid, deadly dull and is thus hard to teach. 19 February: Our wet spell in Sydney seems to have receded…; Three blogs from Iraq or Iran; Seduced!. 20 February: Sad but true; Friday intellectual spot 6: Alan Wolfe on liberalism and New Scientist on religion; Speaking of pretty…. 21 February: The Saturday stats – last one for Feb; Breakfast in Glebe.

22 February: Bushfire memorial. 23 February: The 7.30 Report, the Australian War Memorial, Indigenous history. 24 February: Another great Monday night on ABC; Pakistan on the Brink – Four Corners. 25 February: Fifty years on – guess what, nothing is for ever!; Almost decent wireless broadband speed!; Bonds, King Gee owner slashes 1,850 jobs – ABC News. 26 February: Tori Amos on blogging; St Mary’s South Brisbane; Most popular photos February 2009. 27 February: Friday poem #5 – from Thylazine – Michelle Cahill; Friday intellectual spot 7: Tobias Ziegler on perceptions of ideological bias in research; Love Ned the Bear. 28 February: Irony (noun) – the Murdoch press thundering about purity in English Studies (see also “hypocrisy”).


Ninglun’s Specials and Memory Hole

1 March: February blog stats 1 – most visited posts; February blog stats 2 — totals.

Floating Life

1 March: Floating Life Sunday photo 7; Sunday is music day 7 – nostalgia; I’ve seen wordless posts before…. 2 March: Old books, old movies, old mentalities. 3 March: Oh dear, I am – and to my cost rather too often; 2009 book notes 2. 4 March: Surry Hills fauna; Pakistan: Sri Lanka Cricket team attacked; March 09 South Sydney Herald out…. 5 March: Time for a poll; Depression?; Notwithstanding the previous post…. 6 March: One-time pride of Journalspace – John Birmingham’s “Cheeseburger Gothic”; Friday poem #6 – A E Housman “On Wenlock Edge”; Catholic Taliban – very, very ugly…. 7 March: First Saturday stats for March; Recession solving teacher shortage?; Two from The Oz; “Must read” is inadequate for a post like Worldman’s latest.

8 March: Floating Life Sunday photo 8; Sunday is music day 8 — Blues for the Soul – Tropfest Australia 2008. 9 March: Pungent quotes from my Blog Rollers; Compass last night: Bridge Over the Wadi; Blog security — and my favourite blogging tool. 10 March: The American Dream – Vanity Fair, Howard Fast, and some right-wing flummery…; Really good blogging advice; Quote of the week: Iris Erlingsdottir. 11 March: Dr C says yes. 12 March: More on yesterday at Dr C’s; Old Sydney: sandstone terrace near Little Oxford Street; My “Irish Correspondent” is very sad…. 13 March: Friday poem #7 – Ben Jonson. 14 March: Bad Archaeology; March 14 Saturday stats.

15 March: Sunday Floating Life photo 9; Sunday is music day 9 — Paul Simon & Miriam Makeba. 16 March: BlogExplosion back on track. 17 March: Decline. 18 March: On race and policy: worth noting. 19 March: The nitty gritty of English. 20 March: Two issues fellow bloggers have taken up. 21 March: Who read what – week ending 21 March 2009.

22 March: Sunday Floating Life photo 10; Sunday is music day 10. 23 March: Who are you calling an ideologue? 24 March: Strange and sad. 25 March: Just a tad loaded, don’t you think? 26 March: The Great Firewall of Oz debacle. 27 March: Revisited The Mine, after a senior moment… 28 March: Saturday stats 28 March; I too was offered a free trip to China….

29 March: Sunday Floating Life photo 11; Sunday is music day 11: Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings. 30 March: A rather odd argument?; Power outage.


Ninglun’s Specials and Memory Hole

1 April: Blogs in March 2009 – the stats fetish post. 7 April: Memorabilia 16 – 50 years on. 14 April: Memorabilia 17 – Sydney University: Fisher Library c.1960. 17 April: Memorabilia 18 – to mark retirement – with a local addition; 19 April: Effect of BlogExplosion. 24 April: Memorabilia 19: wartime wedding.

Floating Life

1 April: Wet morning. 2 April: Straying on to Marcellous’s territory. 3 April: Four from Surry Hills Library: 1. 4 April: Good commentary on Australian economy; Saturday roundup 4th April; Uncomfortable but possibly correct thoughts on Afghanistan.

5 April: Sunday is music day 12 — June Tabor; Sunday Floating Life photo 12; Solo Sunday lunch: Batik Courtyard Cafe. 6 April: Four from Surry Hills Library: 2 – and two OzLit blogs; Google translator experiment. 7 April: Four from Surry Hills Library 3 – strange but good; On the juvenile rhetoric of the American Right our Right is right…. 8 April: April South Sydney Herald in colour; Fibre optic network way overdue. 9 April: Four from Surry Hills Library 4 – nasty doings in Iraq and the USA. 10 April: Quiet Good Friday post. 11 April: What was read in the week ending 11 April; Notelets; On OzPolitics and Bishop Holloway.

12 April: Sunday is music day 13 — Jeremiah Clarke (c. 1674 – 1 December 1707); Sunday Floating Life photo 13; Special art work at South Sydney UC. 13 April: Two thought-provoking articles from the SMH; Enjoying “The Story of India”. 14 April: 50 years on – 1: a classmate’s story. 15 April: Some non-fiction read recently: 1. 16 April: Book reviews on hold…; Oz blogs on BlogExplosion. 17 April: Friday poem #8 – Donald Justice; On Ashmore Reef asylum seekers – hold your horses! 18 April: Bean counting time.

19 April: Sunday Floating Life photo 14 – Easter Sunday; Sunday is music day 14 — nostalgia; Some non-fiction read recently: 2a. 20 April: Some non-fiction read recently 2b – the personal component. 21 April: An interlude. 22 April: Second interlude. 23 April: Some non-fiction read recently 2c – tentative conclusions. 24 April: Friday poem #9: Isaac Rosenberg 1890-1918. 25 April: Anzac Day’s bean count; On the Western Front 1917-1918.

26 April: Supplement to “Some non-fiction read recently”; Sunday Floating Life photo 15: Sirdan surveying scene. 27 April: Sunday is music day (on Monday) 15 — “Keating”. 28 April: Some curiosities of scientists; Depression and creativity. 29 April: Microsoft stole my bandwidth this morning; There really IS an autumn light. 30 April: Counting the unemployed.


Ninglun’s Specials and Memory Hole

1 May: So there goes April!.

Floating Life

1 May: Friday poem #10 – Elizabeth Bishop 1911-1979. 2 May: Autumn dawn – Surry Hills.

3 May: Sunday Floating Life photo 16 – not so cool; What’s new Sunday 3 May to Saturday 9 May. 4 May: Overdue DVD reviews. 5 May: Pondering the Defence White Paper. 7 May: Taylor Square Darlinghurst yesterday morning. 8 May: South Sydney and other matters. 9 May: May’s first Saturday stats; Perhaps I’ll write another Kubla Khan…; What’s new Sunday 10 May to Saturday 16 May.

10 May: Sunday is music day 16: Paul Robeson; Sunday Floating Life photo 17. 11 May: Parzania (2007) – definitely worth seeing. 12 May: Three thought provokers. 13 May: Solving the “boat people” issue. 14 May: Other bloggers have been so busy! 15 May: Friday poem #11 – D H Lawrence. 16 May: Tiananmen and all that – 20 years on; Who read what in the past week.

17 May: What’s new Sunday 17 May to Saturday 23 May; Sunday Floating Life photo 18; Sunday is music day 17. 18 May: End-game in Sri Lanka. 19 May: A very neat photo blog. 20 May: Roads taken and not taken. 21 May: Classics all, each in its own way. 22 May: Here it is, in black and white – and green. 23 May: Bean counting; What are they up to?

24 May: China looks back; Sunday is music day 18; Sunday Floating Life photo 19: lunch at The Clarendon. 25 May: Book reviews as promised…; Just site news. 26 May: Perception versus fact on crime in Australia; A Partisan’s Daughter. 27 May: Sol Trujillo as victim of malicious Rudd racist “adios”…; New Surry Hills Library: excellent. 28 May: Jim Belshaw’s new project. 29 May: Friday poem # 12 – Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. 30 May: Notelets for end of May. 31 May:


Ninglun’s Specials and Memory Hole

1 June: May stats on Floating Life. 4 June: My June 09 South Sydney Herald piece.

Floating Life

1 June: Sunday Floating Life photo 20 (on Monday). 2 June: I read the news today, oh boy…. 3 June: China, the USA, the car, and the environment. 4 June: June 09 South Sydney Herald; Busker on corner of Hay and Pitt Streets 5pm. 6 June: Obama and the Muslim world – not unexpected or without precedent; June Saturday stats: 1; Fashion victim.

7 June: Sunday Floating Life photo 21; Sunday is music day 19: Simon & Garfunkel. 8 June: Racism? Yes and no…. 9 June: Substantial food for thought on Radio National. 10 June: More on “Racism? Yes and no”. 11 June: And even more, I’m afraid…. 12 June: Pause: cub reporter again. 13 June: Second Saturday “Who’s read what?” for June 2009.

14 June: Sunday Floating Life photo 22. 15 June: BBC World Service: some food for thought. 16 June: Who killed Mr Ward? Four Corners 15 June 2009; Quote of the week: Naj in Tehran. 17 June: Seen in Little Oxford Street Darlinghurst. 18 June: Meme: 5 things I’m proud of. 19 June: More on things I’m proud of…. 20 June: Third stats fetish post for June; Bits.

21 June: Sunday is music day 20 — Korean singer Lena Park; Sunday Floating Life photo 23; Shakespeare Hotel: Rabbit and Sirdan. 22 June: June review catch-up 1; What a crock!. 23 June: June review catch-up 2. 24 June: June review catch-up 3 — “Sylvia” (2004). 25 June: UN Peacekeepers — a quiz. 26 June: Friday poem 13: Emily Dickinson. 27 June: Conflicting perspectives.

28 June: Sunday Floating Life photograph 24; Sunday lunch: Shanghai food to die for!. 29 June: Borrowed plumage; Indian students, racism, theatre news. 30 June: English/ESL nominated; The hidden power of language.


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