2009 July – December


Ninglun’s Specials and Memory Hole

1 July: June 2009: WordPress and Google Analytics stats. 6 January: More paintings by Gordon Syron — 1. 25 July: More paintings by Gordon Syron 2; Memorabilia 20: M and William Yang.

Floating Life

1 July: June roundup in brief — Sitemeter. 2 July: First July reviews – mainly comic. 3 July: Some serious reading for all Australians. 4 July: Saturday again: time to go counting beans…; Welcoming Russell Darnley OAM.

5 July: Sunday Floating Life photo 25: Gordon Syron at South Sydney Uniting Church; Sunday lunch: Simon H’s place, Randwick. 6 July: Australia third happiest place on Earth; Yet more cyber condoms. 7 January: July 09 South Sydney Herald. 8 July: David Leavitt, “The Indian Clerk” (Bloomsbury 2007); Like this photographer…. 9 July: 66 – since 9 July 1943; Here’s what I have to say to these turkeys…. 10 July: Friday poem 14: not really a poem! 11 July: Warm and fuzzy quote of the week; Second July stats trawl.

12 July: Sunday is music day 21: The Warumpi Band 1988. 13 July: Quick thoughts on China; Glebe revisited. 14 July: Some things that tickle me; I happened along soon after…. 15 July: “Slavery” may be a bit strong, but bad nonetheless…; Oh dear, I agree with Peter Costello!; I have temporarily removed Firefox 3.5 from my computer. 16 July: Meet some blogs. 17 July: Kevin has a blog – and other thoughts on blogs. 18 July: Not again!

19 July:  Sunday is music day 22: Thomas Tallis; Unlikely searches. 20 July: When you become a teacher… 21 July: Just a note on China; Miscellaneous notes. 22 July: In 1998. 23 July: Two rather different experiences: book and dvd review; Photoscape. 24 July: Instead of the planned post. 25 July: Saturday stats times two; New anthology of Australian literature.

26 July: Sunday Floating Life photo 26; What a geek I am! 27 July: Last night: Oz Lit, refugees and other matters; Quote of the week: “Sorry, Ma’am…”. 28 July: First the very local story: Surry Hills Library flooded; Racism is not the main story: Four Corners last night. 29 July: “post-modernistic bogans” – an interesting thought; Chrome without the resource load — SWR Iron. 30 July: More on Indonesian terrorist bombing; One fiction, one non-fiction. 31 July: Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve — and all that; The Macquarie PEN Australian Literature anthology.


Ninglun’s Specials

3 August: Catching up on the July stats. 10 August: Sirdan’s Birthday Party 9 August: 1. 11 August: Sirdan’s Birthday Party 9 August: 2.

Floating Life

1 August: Have you noticed? 2 August: Summary July stats. 3 August: new What’s New post; Sunday lunch had music too!; Computer tragedy. 4 August: Last night on ABC and this morning’s news…. 5 August: Things to look forward to; Yes the new computer has a webcam…. 6 August: Yacqub Khayre and Holsworthy plot. 7 August: Multicultural Surry Hills, and How to Kill a Toshiba. 8 August: Norm, Ahmed, Shafana, Aunt Sarrinah, radicalisation and Australia.

9 August: Sunday Floating Life photo 27; Sirdan’s birthday party — Rosebery. 10 August: Why the religious Right can be dangerous, but…; From another guest at Danny’s party. 11 August: League tables can play to fears of parents; Playing with last Sunday’s photo. 12 August: Meet some blogs – Muslims I read from time to time. 13 August: Is objectivity about Israel and Palestine possible? 14 August: Two works of fiction from my August reading; Some reading matter for you. 15 August: What recent posts have been attracting attention?

16 August: Sunday is music day 23: Indonesia; Sunday Floating Life photo 28 — warm. 17 August: Two worth watching on ABC1. 18 August: Watching TV again: Jack Mundey; scary computer stuff. 19 August: Another Internet-related entry. 20 August: Framing discussion of Indigenous issues in Australia; More on safer computing. 21 August: A week for mixed messages from China; Spring is closer…. 22 August: Saturday blog news.

23 August: ExperimentSunday lunch – Sirdan at Chinese Whisper. 24 August: Revisiting “The Maltese Falcon”; Respect, yes; fetishism, no. 25 August: Books I am reading, or am about to read. 26 August: Checking out audio possibilities. 27 August: Fear not, brothers and sisters! 28 August: On a handy application and an unhandy mobile service; Korean War Memorial – Moore Park. 29 August: Saturday stats roundup — clicks.

30 August: Sunday Floating Life photo 29. 31 August: Second Rugby League post in 24 hours!; Good news.


Ninglun’s Specials

1 September: August blog round-up. 17 September: *** Nostalgia on D-Day — 2001.

Floating Life

2 September: The things I learn; My latest very odd article published. 3 September: For the fifty million dead — 1. 4 September: Friday poem 15 & For the fifty million dead — 2: W H Auden; Yes it is remarkable. 5 September:Combined geekery and stats post.

6 September: Sunday is music day 24: Click go the shears…, A tale of two gay men; Today’s Sunday lunch…. 7 September: A storm in a coffee cup? 8 September: Australian Opera: Aida — #1. 9 September: About last night; About last night — the video. 10 September: Ripping yarn! 11 September: Friday poem 16: W B Yeats “When you are old and grey…”. 12 September: A five-finger exercise.

13 September: When Snow Drifts Melt – 20 years on. 14 September: Tanveer Ahmed’s interesting insight; …another school term, and much else, going down the tube…. 15 September: Another from the recently found archive. 16 September: Another replay: 10 August 2004; Speaking of John Howard. 17 September: I was led to one of those English Teacher moments…. 18 September: Mary Travers – and more nostalgia. 19 September: Busy day, late – and last archive pick for a while.

20 September: Making love to my computer. 21 September: Reading several books at once may do your head in…. 22 September: Meanwhile, there is a bit of fiction to account for…That US health care debate. 23 September: Sydney turns red: dust storm blankets city. 24 September: Yes, yesterday was amazing if not entirely unique. 25 September: Friday poem 17: Judith Wright; Anyone else being archived? 26 September: It’s back.

27 September: Statistical interlude; Sunday Floating Life photo 30. 28 September: Waltzing Matilda 21st century style – current reading. 29 September: Reading Jasper Fforde; Oral: thoughts while reading Mark Davis. 30 September: I find this case odd and disturbing. Do you?


Ninglun’s Specials

1 October: How went September?

Floating Life

1 October: Today I get a jab; What a week! 2 October: Q&A last night. 3 October: Cheering indeed: from Ramana via Jim Belshaw.

4 October: Geeky post this Sunday; Sirdan in Devonshire Street. 5 October: Support appeals for natural disaster relief. 6 October: Something else to brag about…. 7 October: Bit of a mystery. 8 October: Listening to Gorecki, reading Nowra. 9 October: National Human Rights Consultation Report. 10 October: Instant senescence.

11 October: What a classic! 12 October: Trivialising an important document. 13 October: Two (on the face of it) stories of lack of imagination, even common sense. 14 October: Two (on the face of it) stories of lack of imagination, even common sense. 15 October: Blog Action Day 2009. 16 October: Things I mean to post about.

18 October: Sunday Floating Life photo 31. 19 October: Computer — tragic. 20 October: Afghanistan – on the dollar trail. 21 October: Ross Gittins today and last Monday’s “Media Watch”; Communication, Education, Respect. 22 October: Well here I am again. 23 October: And on and on…. 24 October: Saturday stats again.

25 October: Sunday Floating Life photo 32 — wisdom. 26 October: Politicking boats and people movement. 28 October: The beat goes on. 29 October: … and on 30 October: The 2001st post — to seven or not to seven. 31 October: More computer stuff.


Ninglun’s Specials

1 November:  October – stats up but not amazingly…

Floating Life

1 November: Sunday Floating Life photo 33 AND Friday poem 18. 2 November: Louis Nowra “Ice” (2008). 3 November: Aunty Beryl story – South Sydney Herald. 4 November: Two non-fiction books that have impressed me lately. 6 November: I’m back!; Flock also does this; Adrian Phoon in The Age. 7 November: Something to watch.

8 November: Sunday is music day 25: Pachelbel’s Canon…; Sunday news…. 9 November: Seven. 10 November: Resting. 11 November: On being too clever. 12 November: On climate change sceptics and qualifications.  13 November: Pandora (National Library). 14 November: Mid-month Saturday stats – this blog only.

15 November: Sunday photo 34; Yet another Sunday lunch in Surry Hills. 16 November: Well, I’m enjoying it… 17 November: Apology to forgotten Australians. 18 November: For friends of South Sydney. 19 November: Visit to see through the “Other’s” eyes. 20 November: Not Tehran. 21 November: Tony Parsons “My Favourite Wife” (2008).

22 November: Sunday photo 35: blue sitter and car; Polish food and a very hot day. 23 November: Australian Indigenous film. 24 November: Helen Bamber. 25 November: Aussie icon takes up residence in Japan. 26 November: Homework 😉 27 November: Homework done; My right arm. 28 November: Random but mostly political; To Senator Nick Minchin.

29 November: Sunday is music day 26: for Copenhagen; Stats on Australians and climate change; Sunday lunch – Bird Cow Fish. 30 November: I suspect Malcolm Turnbull would lose at poker….


Ninglun’s Specials

2 December: November 09 – stats back up on Floating Life.

Floating Life

1 December: Zimbabwe; My December-January South Sydney Herald story; And the winner is… an ongoing post. 2 December: South Sydney will be at Copenhagen; Love it!; Resources on Climate Change. 3 December: Everything old is new again. 4 December: Not quite the promised climate change post. 5 December: The promised climate change post — Part One; Brer Abbott – The Ghost Who Walks?.

6 December: To think about; Sunday is music day 28 — tick tick tick; Sunday photo 36 – Surry Hills Village mall Sunday. 7 December: Some ETS YouTubes. 8 December: Kind of Part Two of the promised post…; Meanwhile, how unpredictable is Cricket, eh!. 10 December: Thursday recommended site of the week: 1; The inspirational Muhammad Yunus. 11 December: Two videos found on the God’s Politics blog. 12 December: So that’s where Clover is!

13 December: There is a sensible discussion to be had; Sunday Floating Life photo 37 – closed lane, Waterloo; NSW Schools Spectacular – ABC TV. 14 December: Three unrelated items; Hang on a minute: what tax?. 15 December: Carbon chicken-and-eggery? 16 December: Pause for a pic; Blogging the Noughties: 1 – 2000. 17 December: Blogging the Noughties: 2 — 2001“Guest Post” — Anthony Venn-Brown; My favourites from 2009: 1. 18 December: Blogging the Noughties: 3 — 2002; “Guest post” – Tim Costello; My favourites from 2009: 2; Blogging the Noughties: 4 — 2002 –2004: memorable visuals. 19 December: Blogging the Noughties: 5 — 2003; My favourites from 2009: 3; “Guest post” – Clover Moore; Blogging the Noughties: 6 — 2004.

20 December: Blogging the Noughties: 7 — 2004; My favourites from 2009: 5; Blogging the Noughties: 8 — 2005; My favourites from 2009: 6; Blogging the Noughties: 9 — 2006. 21 December: Blogging the Noughties: 10 — 2007; New blog now up: Neil’s Second Decade.; Blogging the Noughties: 11 — 2008; My favourites from 2009: 8 — Mardi Gras Fair Day: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party; My favourites from 2009: 9; Blogging the Noughties 12: Top individual entries posted in 2009. 22 December: My favourites from 2009: 10; My favourites from 2009: 11; Summer Solstice – transitional doublepost; My favourites from 2009: 12 – Winter Solstice. 23 December: My favourites from 2009: 13 – Aunty Beryl; My favourites from 2009: 14 – warm afternoon 1 March Surry HillsIn 2009 people came to Floating Life after searching for…. Christmas Eve: My favourites from 2009: 15 – Cornstalk Bookshop, Glebe. Christmas Day: My favourites from 2009: 16My favourites from 2009: 17 – Sirdan’s party; My favourites from 2009: 18 — spring in Haymarket: joy!; My favourites from 2009: 19 — bonus monochrome: Taylor Square/Oxford Street; My favourites from 2009: 20 — Surry Hills Festival: people. 26 December: My favourites from 2009: 21 — blue gumboots; My favourites from 2009: 22 — Indian student resting; My favourites from 2009: 23 to 25!


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