Last 2008 in review post: my also-rans… Goodbye, Journalspace!

02 Jan

Ninglun on Blogspot

This preceded the WordPress sites and followed the sad fate of Diary-X. It also :makes money: – but I haven’t headed for South America with the loot yet. It has had some fitful life over the past year, but as you may see even at its height in 2008 it never went over 1000 visits a month. It did revive for a few days in August – September when my WordPress blogs received an unwelcome vandal.


Google Analytics gives 3,927 Visits  and 4,717 Pageviews for 2008. About half those were to a post on Barack Obama as Antichrist – not a theory I give much heed to. The Blogspot content is mostly here now: see Apparently Barack Obama is the Antichrist (February 2008).

I do wonder whether WordPress is a more effective vehicle than Blogspot, however, when it comes to attracting visits.

Ninglun on Journalspace

This flourished in 2007 when I transferred many of my election raves to it, partly to make the WordPress blogs less ranty. I did like the way it looks, but WP is much better. In 2008, according to Google Analytics, there was a big spike when the vandal attack was on here, as I was really glad to have Journalspace in reserve. I am glad I had after all not deleted it! Views of this blog do count in the Floating Life Sitemeter. Google’s count for 2008 is 235 Visits and 484 Pageviews.

However, Journalspace has just done a Diary-X!

Journalspace is no more.

DriveSavers called today to inform me that the data was unrecoverable.

Here is what happened: the server which held the journalspace data had two large drives in a RAID configuration. As data is written (such as saving an item to the database), it’s automatically copied to both drives, as a backup mechanism.

The value of such a setup is that if one drive fails, the server keeps running, using the remaining drive. Since the remaining drive has a copy of the data on the other drive, the data is intact. The administrator simply replaces the drive that’s gone bad, and the server is back to operating with two redundant drives.

But that’s not what happened here. There was no hardware failure. Both drives are operating fine; DriveSavers had no problem in making images of the drives. The data was simply gone. Overwritten.

The data server had only one purpose: maintaining the journalspace database. There were no other web sites or processes running on the server, and it would be impossible for a software bug in journalspace to overwrite the drives, sector by sector.

The list of potential causes for this disaster is a short one. It includes a catastrophic failure by the operating system (OS X Server, in case you’re interested), or a deliberate effort. A disgruntled member of the Lagomorphics team sabotaged some key servers several months ago after he was caught stealing from the company; as awful as the thought is, we can’t rule out the possibility of additional sabotage.

But, clearly, we failed to take the steps to prevent this from happening. And for that we are very sorry.

So, after nearly six years, journalspace is no more….

It’s said this couldn’t happen on WordPress which is backed up all over the place…

Like a rock

We run hundreds of servers in three datacenters (Dallas, San Francisco, San Antonio) with instant copies of all your data and uploads in each. This allows us to serve your blog very quickly, and also if something catastrophic were to happen, like California falling into the ocean or Dallas being hit by a meteor, your blog would be okay.

Sad about Journalspace though. Thanks for being there in August/September.

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