A rabbi on Gaza

08 Jan

I was going to leave this alone, but in checking my blog roll (which I will soon revise and prune) I happened on Shalom Rav, Random Blogthoughts by Rabbi Brant Rosen in the USA. In particular see Outrage in Gaza: No More Apologies (28 December), Israel and Gaza: In Search of a New Moral Calculus (30 December) and Israel and Gaza: One Geographer’s Prediction (6 January). Really, these have more weight than anything I can say. A brief sample from the first:

The news today out of Israel and Gaza makes me just sick to my stomach.

I know, I can already hear the responses: every nation has a responsibility to ensure the safety of its citizens. If the Qassams stopped, Israel wouldn’t be forced to take military action. Hamas also bears responsibility for this tragic situation…

I could answer each and every one of these claims in turn, but I’m ready to stop this perverse game of rhetorical ping-pong. I don’t buy the rationalizations any more. I’m so tired of the apologetics. How on earth will squeezing the life out of Gaza, not to mention bombing the living hell out of it, ensure the safety of Israeli citizens?…

So no more rationalizations. What Israel has been doing to the people of Gaza is an outrage. It has has brought neither safety nor security to the people of Israel and it has wrought nothing but misery and tragedy upon the people of Gaza…

More on all sides thinking like that and there could be hope. That’s leadership.


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2 responses to “A rabbi on Gaza

  1. Harris Fawell

    January 13, 2009 at 11:23 am

    Dear Rabbi Rosen: I and my wife, Ruth, appreciate very much your speaking out about the Gaza war being prosecuted by Israel with the help of the Bush administration. By the way, I know Heidi and Rich Katz who will be speaking before our adult sunday school class this Sunday morning at our Community United Methodist Church in Naperville. I am a retired Member of Congress and Heidi Katz was employed by my law firm before I was elected to Congress in 1984 – 1998. We very much appreciate your speaking out.

    Harris and Ruth Fawell

  2. Neil

    January 13, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    I hope Rabbi Rosen picks this up.

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