You can tell Thomas is on holidays…

09 Jan

Otherwise how could he have found time to do this? He has done a thorough analysis of just how much he has written on his blogs since 2006! The results are quite staggering. “I feel confident that my blogging and writing abilities are on the improve, and that I’ll easily overtake The Lord of the Rings and War and Peace before the end of the financial year, and probably have a higher word count than the Bible by the close of the year.” I certainly agree with the first statement.

I wouldn’t dare do it on my blogs, indeed couldn’t over the full range since late 2000 as quite a bit has gone the way of all ephemera, even if I occasionally get a surprise about what still lurks on some server somewhere – here, for example.

What I can reveal is the following, courtesy of WordPress:

  • Floating Life 04/06 ~ 11/07 At a Glance:  1,101 Posts; 1,667 Comments; 12 Pages. Blog began in April 2006. No longer active.
  • English/ESL At a Glance: 207 Posts; 237 Comments; 32 Pages. Blog began in December 2006. Pages still active; very occasional posts.
  • Floating Life At a Glance: 1,508 Posts; 1,527 Comments; 20 Pages. All still active. Blog began December 2007. The actual post number in 2008 is hard to determine, as I imported posts from archives at Blogspot and from what became Ninglun’s Specials. There were, in round figures, about 1,000 actual Floating Life posts.
  • Ninglun’s Specials At a Glance: 282 Posts; 116 Comments; 36 Pages. Not active, but some pages subject to revision or additions. Blog began March 2008, but it’s complicated. It had an earlier life as a somewhat political blog, but the entries from that incarnation have migrated to Floating Life.
  • Neil’s Modest Photo Blog At a Glance: 321 Posts; 11 Comments; 4 Pages. Active. Very. Blog commenced late December 2008, subsequently taking over from the posts in Ninglun’s Specials. Very few words. Media library currently holds 436 images: 46.5 MB used, 3.0 GB (98.5%) upload space remaining.

That is all quite frightening, in its way!

So I’ll throw in a bonus picture to round off this post.

jan04 001

Not quite sure what he’s doing, or if that’s a bag over his head. Probably a blogger!

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